Living on Crypto: My Journey with Splinterlands

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Akín Aj
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As a crypto enthusiast, I have always been drawn to the idea of "play-to-earn" games. When I first discovered Splinterlands,it seemed like the perfect opportunity to not only have fun playing a game but also earn some cryptocurrency in the process. However, as time went on, I realized that living on crypto earnings alone is not as easy as it sounds.

One of the biggest challenges I face as a Splinterlands player is the need to constantly pump my summoners and monsters. To do this, I need to level them up, which can be an expensive process. Unfortunately, I have not been able to invest as much money into the game as I would like, which has made playing frustrating and boring at times and that’s why many people say PlayToEarn is dead as I wrote in this post.

Despite this, I have remained involved with Splinterlands in other ways. For example, I have dabbled in card speculation and content creation, which have allowed me to stay connected to the game and the community. This is one of the things that I find so unique about Splinterlands – there are many different ways to be involved beyond just playing the game.

However, I also realize that living on crypto earnings alone is not a sustainable long-term strategy especially if one is starting from $0. While it is possible to earn some cryptocurrency by playing Splinterlands, it is not enough to support oneself entirely especially as a mid deck player.

Play-to-earn 🟰/ Play-to-earn-a-living

I believe that many people who are new to crypto may not fully understand this and may think that "play-to-earn" games are a viable way to make a living, play-to-earn is often misconstrued with play-to-earn-a-living but except one is living under a rock and eats shrubs as meals.

In reality, living on crypto requires a lot of planning and foresight. One of the biggest mistakes I made was not investing my earnings back into the game or other crypto projects. Instead, I spent it on day-to-day expenses, which limited my ability to grow my wealth within the space, not like I had a choice, but if I had reinvested my earnings back into Splinterlands, I would likely have a much stronger position today.

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That being said, living on crypto is still possible. Thanks to platforms like Hive, I have been able to earn some cryptocurrency and cover most of my expenses. However, to truly play-to-earn a living, I believe that one needs to have a significant amount of capital to invest in various crypto projects. This is something that I am currently working towards and hope to achieve in the near future.

My journey with Splinterlands has been both rewarding and challenging. While I have not been able to pump my summoners and monsters as much as I would like, I have remained involved with the game in other ways. I have also learned some valuable lessons about the importance of reinvesting earnings when it comes to living on crypto.

If you are considering playing Splinterlands or other "play-to-earn" games, I would encourage you to do so, but also keep in mind that it is not a guaranteed path to financial stability.

Thanks for reading.

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