Discovering Naga City: A Journey of Exploration

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Hello, fellow Hivers! I'm currently exploring one of the beautiful places in Cebu, which is Naga City. Today, I want to talk about my experience visiting Naga City. Have any of you been there before? If so, how was your experience? As for me, I was truly amazed by what I saw during my visit to Naga, and I'm already planning to go back there again.

It's Monday at 2 PM, and I'm starting to get ready for my adventure trip. I'm really excited to go because it's been a long time since my last visit to Naga City. After getting myself ready, I commuted to the bus terminal to catch a ride. I booked my ticket and boarded the bus, but it didn't leave yet because they needed to wait for the right number of passengers before departing.

After waiting for the trip, I started feeling sleepy. Eventually, I dozed off. When I woke up, I didn't realize that I was already close to arriving in Naga City. Fortunately, I hadn't missed my stop, and I woke up just in time.

When I arrived, I got off at Savemore and took the skywalk to go to my desired destination. I couldn't believe that I was able to travel alone. Maybe it's just a part of reality that we need to learn to live on our own because we never know what the future holds. Experiences like this can enhance our maturity.

Anyway, I arrived around 4 PM, and it was almost five. Locals here mentioned that there are lights at the boardwalk, which sounded exciting, and it made me smile suddenly. While walking, I saw the Naga Museum. I wanted to go inside, but I felt shy because I wasn't sure if it was allowed or not. So, I decided not to enter.

As I was strolling behind the Naga Museum, my eyes were immediately drawn to the magnificent Christmas tree standing tall and proud in the center of the soccer field. It was much larger than I had anticipated and beautifully adorned with colorful lights and sparkling ornaments. As I made my way closer, I noticed a small Pasilong place nearby. However, I overheard some locals mentioning that it was currently closed for cleaning as it was Monday - a day reserved for maintenance. They also mentioned that it would be open for visitors on Tuesday. Although I was a bit disappointed, I reminded myself that there are still plenty of other breathtaking places to explore in the area. For instance, I decided to head towards the boardwalk, which I had heard was a popular spot for enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

As I approached the Christmas tree in Naga City, I was surprised by how big it was. Thankfully, they had resting areas with tables and chairs inside the soccer field. I decided to take a break and pass the time there because I was still tired from the journey.

After taking a rest, I checked the time and was surprised to find out that it was already 6 PM. Feeling re-energized, I decided to take a walk towards the boardwalk and see the sights. As I approached the boardwalk, I noticed that it was starting to light up, and the atmosphere was becoming more lively. However, just before I reached my destination, my stomach started to rumble, and I realized that I was feeling quite hungry. Fortunately, a food stall caught my eye, selling various street food delicacies such as isaw, dynamite, and others. I couldn't resist the temptation and decided to grab a quick bite to eat before continuing my walk. While eating, I couldn't help but notice a beautiful decoration that spelled out the words Hope, Love, and Faith, which lifted my spirits and reminded me to stay positive and hopeful.

Once I finished my meal, I decided to visit the local tourist attraction, Love, Hope, and Faith. I had heard so much about it and had been eagerly waiting to see it in person. As I approached the location, I felt a rush of excitement, and my heart started racing. I couldn't believe that I was finally going to see something that I had only seen in Facebook posts before. As I walked closer, I could see the intricate details and the vibrant colors that adorned each one of them. The sight left me in awe, and I felt an indescribable joy that filled my heart. It was a surreal experience, and I knew that it was going to be a memory that I would cherish forever.

Now, since Love, Hope, and Faith are just beside the boardwalk, I noticed that they have expanded the boardwalk compared to before. It's significantly wider now. Naga City has really changed a lot, and it was worth coming here. My desire to visit was not wasted, and soon, it might even improve further compared to now.

Continuing on, I walked around to see just how big the boardwalk in Naga is. I reached the area with coolers, and my feet started to ache, but it was worth the walk.

When I reached the area with the coolers, I noticed that there was a restaurant standing on the other side, and it looked really beautiful. Since it was nearby, I decided to walk over and check it out. It turned out to be Arola, but I wasn't sure what kind of food they offered because I was already full from eating earlier. I just approached it to take a look, thinking that maybe on my next trip, I could dine there because it looked really nice. I also wanted to try visiting their second floor and see what could be seen from there.

After visiting Arola, I felt satisfied with what I had accomplished for the day, so I started walking back home. I learned a lot from my journey, and I'm so happy to have experienced these things on my own trip.