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Starting a new Hive / Leofinance account can be extremely challenging, even if you're a gifted writer. Posting quality content is crucial but at the beginning, very few people will actually read your posts, since it takes a while to build a following here.

The best way to grow a following is to engage with other people, you can't expect other users to read, upvote, and engage with your content if you don't do the same. This is what separates hive from a common blog where people just dump their content and leave. Hive is very similar to other social media apps but there is no algorithm to dictate what you should or shouldn't see, here the visibility of a certain post is dictated by the people that stake Hive.

Quality over Quantity

Going around spamming useless comments on every post you can find won't get you far. People do appreciate the comments that say "good post" or "you're doing a great job, keep at it" but they don't invite a conversation or any incentive for the author to open your profile.

It is good to go around spreading some love and making authors feel a little bit more appreciated but what you should aim for is to add something to the conversation. Getting into a back and forth conversation creates a way better relationship with other users and makes them way more likely to remember you in the future. Building good relationships with other Hivers is the name of the game.

Find your people

The best part about Hive communities is the cluster of like-minded individuals that they attract. For example, I feel right at home in the @Leofinance community, my only regret was not paying enough attention to communities from the get-go.

Don't make the same mistake, go out there, find people and communities with similar interests to yours and engage with them. You'll have a way better experience and you'll probably find people that appreciate your content. Not to mention how much you can learn from them.


Consistency is key on Hive so in order to keep you accountable I recommend you make it your daily goal to do X amount of comments per day. Start slow, maybe just 3 a day, and as the habit starts to form keep pushing it higher. Threads are a great feature to engage with other users but that is cheating, the goal is about comments on other user's long-form content. Posting and commenting on threads comes naturally, no need to set a goal for that.

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