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My question to you is what are the facts on this scarcity model we ahere to? I hear stats like the earth can comfortably support over 10 billion people resource wise. So why is there all this scarcity at all?

What type of system is creating the scarcity if we not really running out of stuff. In fact i hear things like we still got plenty of oil in the ground. When i was a kid they use to say stuff like we'll be totally depleted of fossil fuels by 2020. It's 2022 and they still got plenty of oil in the ground.

Who is orchestrating this scarcity model and why when we got all the created money and power to create it in the world hence cryptocurrency. Why are we still supporting systems that push this bullshit scarcity model?

There is a belief that an age of abundance through automatons and ai revolutions and renaissances that a currency will be produced where the wealth is created by these systems to be administered to the general populace. I wonder what type projects mirror ideas like that?

you have been born into slavery and captivity. Maybe you should work on setting yourself free. The first step is to stop supporting systems that aren't true.

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