Buying My First NFT On Hive

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Steve Hodl
1 min read

Today I purchased my first NFT. I originally thought I would buy my first NFT on Opensea as they have a huge collection there and the Apes and Cyberpunks are really popular.

But in the end, I opted for a HivePunk!

As you can see, I've already updated my profile picture to the new NFT. His name is Ben Moody, but now it is mine, Steve Hodl.

I was originally searching for a Hive Punk that smoked too (I know it's bad for you), but you cant get lung cancer in the Metaverse can you?

I was also keen on one with a hat and sunglasses, but I couldn't find one that I liked with all 3, so have taken on Ben.

If in the future I decide to upgrade, I could sell Ben and make a profit. I will keep you informed.

Thanks for reading.

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