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Exciting week for the crypto gaming industry.

Square Enix was my childhood gaming experience when Final Fantasy 7 was one of the first ever CD-rom games that I had along with FIFA. That time, games were still stored in floppy disk. Damn, how far have we progress.

Anyway, recently Square Enix had actually sold off its right to tomb Raider! That was a huge news to me cause I told Tomb Raider was a great IP, where there is always a lack of female non-anime/manga action game. Anyway the reason they are selling away the Tomb Raider is to raise money as they want to go full force into the web3 and NFT world.

Sony also make their stand that they are going into metaverse, and of course with their playstation and maybe even more. We can see that more and more big gaint gaming companies are coming into the meta space.

What is the most important information from the report is the updates on the top crypto games. As Axie is switching to origin, you can see that the number of active users are heavily affected. Whether the Axie players will shift over to the new mechanism is now a huge question mark as the earning and gameplay is so different as compare to a year ago.

What is the interesting information is that this report has a column about stickiness. This shows that whether the players are really enjoying the game or they are just aiming to make profit out of it. So it is about "play to earn" or "play to own". One thing I strongly believe in Splinterlands is about how the gameplay ecosystem was similar to traditional Trading Card Games(TCG) and this made a lots of players enjoy the game and had been sticking with it for years. In fact, I do know of a lot of old players and new players are always constantly discussing about how to improve their deck/card collections instead of just taking profit. That maybe explain why the stickiness for Splinterlands is the highest out of all these games.

I believe in the years to come, a lot of big gaming companies will come into this space to fight for a slice of the juicy pie and the dynamic of crypto gaming will change significantly. A lot of these top current games may in fact lose its appeal and may cease to exist.

However, aint that how things improve and bring better innovation and entertainment to the whole world??? I am excited to see how all these evolved and definitely crypto will be the centre of all these.

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