Rainy Yerevan is Beautiful

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It hasn't rained a lot since I've been in Armenia, apparently rain is something that is more a rarity here. I've been wanting to capture Yerevan under the rain for a while, but every time it did rain, it'd be just as I got home. Too late to do anything. But yesterday we finally caught a bit of a break, though I was heavily underdressed and not prepared for a downpour of rain. I didn't get a lot of great images due to how heavy it was, worried about my new clothes, lack of clothing in the rain, and protection for the two cameras and external battery that was in my backpack. But as expected, Yerevan shifted with the rain. Changing its atmosphere and being a very beautiful place. Full of light and colour, reflections in the road and pathways led to a dance of tones as advertisements and car lights mixed.

The camera was getting soaked, so I felt a bit limited in taking pictures. More focused on getting out of the rain and home, unfortunately. I really wanted to run through the streets and capture them, just I didn't have the right equipment. I still did what I could on the desperate run to the bus stop. Finding quick compositions and colours that I felt were interesting. In between, trying to not let the Sony A6000 get damaged as it dangled around my neck. The cold piercing through my new sweater, which had done a perfect job at keeping me warm up until that point. But it was still exciting. Seeing Yerevan in a different way. Even in its busiest streets, it was empty. Quiet. Peaceful and taking over by the sounds of rain impacting the ground, displayed with the blue, pink, and red.

I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to capture it though. Hopefully I will have some actual protection from the rain. And be capable of roaming through the streets without a care in mind over the temperature and wetness damaging things.

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