You control how you play the money game. You control how you play the crypto game.

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I truly appreciate everyone who engaged with me via my yesterday's post. Thank you for all upvotes and Thank you for taking your time to read my messy writing. Today is Day 2 of my very own 365 days challenge of writing consistently on Hive blockchain. I haven't set any personal goals yet. Right now my only focus is to keep writing every single day and see how it evolves over time.

Everyone has their own different relationship with money. I went through a series of unhealthy relationships with money throughout my life and also unhealthy relationships with crypto. I wanted to talk about the three things I wanted to remind myself when it comes to how to play my own money game going forward.

I'm the CEO of my own Money Game

It's cool to say I'm in control and recognize that there are many external factors that are not in my control and always try to focus on how to react and continue to learn by keep playing the game. First I see this game as an infinite game and a positive-sum game. Recent covid, long crypto winter, and many past mistakes taught me extremely valuable lessons.

I lost my last money game and I was very close to winning. Every time I lose, I need to pick myself and begin play again. I can't win an infinite game and I can only get better and keep improving the way I play this Money game and enjoy it while I last on this earth.

I can't talk too much about how I'm planning to play but I'm preparing slowly. Paying off my debt means I'm now ready to begin again. First I'm taking control of my expenses through constant trial and error and evaluating the necessity of the expenses.

  • Rent £85 per week
  • Mobile Data £12 per month
  • Happy to cut down my travel cost to Zero. Last three months I rented my time to earn my money so I needed to spend on traveling to various jobs I had and I may have to spend on travel occasionally.
  • LinkedIn premium membership is £12.50 because it's an investment that will increase my chance to get remote work.
  • Food £50 or less for the rest of October. Thank you for the social capital that I built with wonderful people who work in Pret A Manger for helping me with food whenever I needed it.
  • Will be canceling my £20 Coffee Subscription in few days.
  • Family £500 will be sent to my wife on 1st November.

If you are in a situation where more money comes in than goes out, that’s a sign you are doing what you love

I practice gratitude every time I receive money.

Just making sure that I said thank you for the upvotes on the last post. It's easy to say thank you when you really need the money but I'm practicing saying thank you every time I receive money while I continue to play this infinite money game. Today will be my 35th day of writing a daily gratitude journal and saying thank you and being grateful and writing them down was one of the best habits that I cultivated in life.

Money is like energy and It needs to flow.

Maybe “Millionaire” should mean positively impacting a Million people instead of making a Million dollars. I remember very well having this abundance mindset when I invested half my of accumulated crypto gains into Steem during the 2017 bull market. And somehow end up cultivating the scarcity mindset towards the end of Steem journey. I don't think I really understand this concept therefore I've started reading/listening to Happy Money by Ken Honda.

That's it for today. See you tomorrow. Thanks again for reading my imperfect writing.

Ps. I'm still long away from actively involved with Hive. Slowly and slowly I'm finding my way back into Hive. I do not want to put too much on my plate right now. Happy to continue curating LeoFinance content, while engaging with some of our fellow content creators on Hive and focusing on sustaining my own content creation. Hopefully, I will be in a position to give an update on 1st November about how our community members can connect with me on a deeper level.

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