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Dear Hivers,

Love was in the air this month. It can arrive with cupid's bow but it can be also disappointing via a "catfisher". However, love can arrive at any time and place when it is least expected. When it's meant to be, two hearts meet then the magic will begin.

This was apparent in all entries but a selection must be made for the winners and honourable mentions. However, everyone was a "Topper"! Thanks for your participation.

Reminder - please do not forget to adhere to the Guidelines especially the correct spelling of the #neoxianprompts and the maximum number of words.

Your effort is appreciated. AI content is easily detectable. When selection is difficult - Guidelines matter.

The Toppers!!

These top posts receive an equal share of the posts rewards - 3.254 Hive plus 500 neoxags!!

The Top 5 posts selected (order is random):

Spring Hearts by @janaveda

After a hard day at the office, Jonathan heads to the coolest coffee shop in the city. He is finally going to meet Susan in person, with whom he has had a business relationship for a couple of months. Between orders and price adjustment discussions, they also slipped in conversations about very similar interests. So much so, that they no longer discuss prices, they take them for granted, where both win.

Threads Of Fate. by @george-dee

"Have you received the new design I sent as we discussed?" Jason typed and hit the send button after. The message was marked delivered and Jason waited for Vivian's response. Jason started his clothing line some years ago and creating awareness about his brand became a huge challenge until he met Vivian, the CEO of Universal Boutique.

More Than A Call by @sperosamuel15

Linda was one of such people who not only believed that love required a physical meeting but also believed in courtship, but as she would realise much to her surprise, "you never say never in life" Running one of the biggest wig retail shop with a mammoth online presence meant that Gabriel didn't know most of his customers, it also meant that he had mostly female customers. Just like many successful men of his age, he was used to females hitting on him. Indeed he was one of the most sought after bachelors, the famous "wig god".

Cupid's arrow.... by @beckyroyal

Donald is the big boss and CEO of Tingle international, a major leading cosmetics company in the country. He had been away on a trip and had just returned to the country.While in his office, his secretary phoned him to let him know that the personal assistant of Standard organization is on the line. Donald hung up on his secretary and directly picked the buzzing phone beside the computer..

Unexpected Solace by @abenad

Give me the regular”, Ann said shivering. “We’re out, beat it”, Tariq said. “What do you mean you are out?”, Ann asked.“I said we are out, get going young lady”, Tariq replied. “Please I would do anything for a little bit of it. Can’t you see I’m dope sick. I need it.”, Ann cried out. “Yes, you sure are dying and if you want to die in peace you better get lost”, Tariq said angrily

The honorable mentions

These honorable posts receive 1.2 Hives each from the posts rewards.

The honorables selected (order is random):

From a client to a lover: Kassy's diary by @rare-gem

When two hearts connect. Neoxian City - prompt #14 by @flourishandflora

A Prank, a Reunion, and a Promise by @sabrinah

Love ushered in by kindness by @lightpen

Meeting Pete by @jjmusa2004

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These Top 10 posts received a prize of 200 neoxags each.

There were no entries for a Top idea for a prompt.

Congratulations to all!!

*Many thanks to all participants

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