An updated splinterlands roadmap.

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Say what you like about the team but they keep going every single day.

This is the latest roadmap from the team that they shared in the last town hall and it has a lot of features completed with a couple of new additions to be added.

Bear market or no bear market they are rolling out the features and updates consistently. Land is going to change the economy and with the latest DEC burning contest we are going to see a lot of DEC removed form the game forever.

It's good to see that they have completed a lot of the earlier items on the roadmap and showing good progress towards building out the game.

It hasn't been all smooth sailing with the layoffs, the flop of a Zyriel sale and delays but overall it's progress. I'm still fully against how many tokens have been introduced to the game and the new SPs scale for the leagues but for now I will keep building and hope that it's a success.

If we do hit another bull market this will be good for the long term health of the game as people will need to burn SPS for more DEC and we might get to see that flywheel effect they have been talking about for so long.

As one of the few surviving games from the bear market it wouldn't take much at all to see a sharp spike in price and users if they play their cards right.

At the moment the whole game is on a slow down with less players and markets dropping lower and lower. Cards, land and rentals are all slowely heading lower every week but that is following the overall market trends.

It's been along few months with nothing to get excited about from any project but land might change all of this. If nothing else it will soak up a lot of the oversupply of cards and push up all markets slightly.

I've been suffering from the same boredom as a lot of other players as the game and the hype has died down but that hasn't stopped me form building up my guild further and from buying up a few of the older card versions while prices are down.

At some stage they will be totally out of reach to newer players with such a limited supply out there. They are not all as powerful as the newer cards but it's cool to have some fo the most rare cards in your deck and for wild it's important to keep building up the collection.

I have a lot of them at lower levels and will try to max out where i can, while i can.

Looking forward to all of the upcoming developments and see if the team can get the game kickstarted once again in time for the next bull run and with all of the survivors primed and ready to go.

They are giving it their best shot anyway.

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