Can I become a paid shill??

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There are lots of paths that we can take in life and even in crypto but surely the highest calling has to be a paid crypto shill.

The direct payment.

There are few better ways to spend your time than being paid to peddle absolute shite to gullible people. Now we have some on hive but nothing like twitter.

I'm not sure how much my voice is worth here but i would be surprised to make even $5 to push a product to my followers.

With six years of hard build reputation and thousands of posts it would take a lot more than that to tempt me to throw it all away for a few posts.

At least on twitter I could make some real money. If i had put 6 years into building my account there it might actually be valuable.

I can't verify the truth behind this list but we've seen lots of other examples over the years.

Ref: Twitter.

You get the idea anyway. Build a profile. Get recognized and charge for attention to your project. Seems high for the return you will get but what do i know. If i knew enough about it then I would already be on the list.

The indirect payments.

With the new monetization of twitter we have seen the levels of spam increase like never before. It's the exact same pattern that we saw with STEEM just on a much bigger level.

To get paid, you need to be a big account. A big account with lots of interaction as well.

I'm just about 4.9M views short of that target. It might take a while yet to get paid. It has changed the culture though. All the small accounts want to be big accounts so they are sucking up to them. Following them, commenting them and trying to climb up the ranks to get to the money.

The big accounts have nothing much to say. Instead they are reward farming with pure and utter shite content. The whole crypto feed looks like these tweets below.

This is the way.

Get to 5M impressions. Milk the shit out of it. Just like the early days of STEEM.

Talk about shitposts. Twitter needs a random bunch of twitter watchers going around the platform driving away these users like we have here. Just kidding, nobody wants a hivewatchers.

Elon musk doesn't care.

Impressions are money. As long as people are turning up and creating pageviews then the ad revenue keeps coming in.

Taking a rough estimate from the Twitter Ad Revenue Calculator here it shows:

Twitter Ad Revenue Calculator Number of Impressions: 1,000,000 Ad Revenue: $8.50

It's not Hive but it's not bad for bigger creators. If your hitting 200K impressions a post and tweeting ten times a day that's $17 a day just to get started.

If you can get that up to 1M impressions per post it's $85 a day and a low earners income over here. Or a high average income in a lot of countries. Not bad work if you can get it.

Maybe if i put another 5 years into account building I might get there but i don't have the time for Twitter and for Hive. I'll stick to having fun over there and doing the serious work over here.

30 Days 452.26 HP 30.87 HBD

In the meantime I'll keep trying to build my twitter account but without the hard work. Let it happen naturally.

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