I'm still buying LEO.

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Or should I say that I'm still investing INLEO....

This will either make me look like a genius or an idiot in time to come.

The team have an ambitious vision for the site which has been moved up a step with yesterdays rebrand.

We are used to the team promising a lot but not often delivering on those promises. Not for lack of trying but usually from lack of follow through. Cubfinance anyone??

With that said the site is still live, the token has a value so it is ahead of a lot of defi tokens.

The same goes for the leo bridges which work sporadically but are brilliant when they do. If INLEO is to become successful it will need to have a clear plan and constant follow through for years to come.

Too often the team has built brilliant products only for them to become neglected and stagnant while they chase the next big thing.

For me personally, I think that a fully functioning, growing, profitable and engaging site is the next big thing. Get it right and stay with it. Fix the other adjoining projects and keep the focus narrow but successful.

So far the team has promised big things and while slow and delayed have been delivering them one by one. My biggest fear is that again they are trying to do too much at once.

My hope would be that they get the site running smoothly. Get the ad revenue flowing and build the community one step at a time.

We don't need subscriptions right now. We don't need leoshorts or any other gimmicks right now.

We just need the core product fit for purpose, no bugs and bringing in new users and more views on our content.

After that the bells and whistles can be added over time but get the basics right first.

If they can do that then we might be on to something.

Me buying up LEO every week could be the smartest thing that i have ever done if things work out the right way.

If not the project will collapse in itself at some point and all the money will go down the drain but i'm betting against it and betting on the success of the project.

Khal has put a lot into LEO this year and i would love to see it pay off for him and for the whole community.

It would bring Hive up a level and be the inspiration for the next gen of community on Hive as well as bring much needed revenue into the system holding up the token price.

At the moment $LEO:$0.07 has dropped back down from the hype of their first zealy campaign so it's a good time to buy for the people looking to stack some more.

I've already hit my yearly target at 100K but it's no harm to keep buying up small amounts while they are still at a low price to me.

Then it's just a matter of watching it all unfold over the next year and see how it all plays out.

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