Maxing out my chaos deck for splinterlands: Part 2.

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How many cards are in the chaos legion?

As we move forward in splinterlands it looks like it is going to be very important to have a well rounded chaos deck as the season splits into two leagues.

To build out a maxed version of this will likely cost around 10K but there is no time like the present to get it started.

There are no definite sums here but looking at a rough guide to see what would be involved.

  • Common 29 cards, roughly $40 each = $1160
  • Rare 28
    • Monsters 23 cards, roughly $35 each, = $805
    • Summoners 5 cards, roughly $402 each = $2012
  • Epic 17 cards, roughly $90 each = $1530
  • Legendary 22 cards, roughly $91 = $2150
    • Doctor Blight, $1200

That's looking like $7,534 for a full set not including Doctor Blight which would bring it up to $8,734 in a rough estimate.

I had a look at my deck in the original post two weeks ago and with the end of season managed to make a lot of headway into filling out my chaos deck.

[Maxing a chaos deck.](

The profits were strong for the season and as always they go straight back into my deck.

Current state of affairs.

  • Common (2) 29
  • Rare (9) 28
    • Monsters (9) 23
    • Summoners (0) 5
  • Epic (1) 17
  • Legendary (13) 22
  • Doctor Blight (0) 1

At the time of my last post I had a total of 13 out of the 125 possible cards.

This time i have managed to build up as far 25 as out of the total 125.

That's another twelve cards maxed out in the past two weeks with a big focus on the legendary one first.

Prices are holding steady for the moment but rentals are picking up so every card that i can buy now is there to be added to the rental market and speed up the process to buy the next one.

Some of the legendary cards are still quite expensive but i'm hoping to see a slight drop over time.

Every day is another chance to buy a few more cards from rental income and keep growing out my deck. I can then try to keep adding a few more legacy cards once i get there but it will be a while before i have the funds spare to make those big purchases.

The next steps.

I think that i will focus on the rest of the legendary cards for my next few purchases and get a full section cleared off. I have made a lot of progress on this side of the challenge with nine of them since my last post.


The biggest hurdle to this will be the DR Blight which costs about $1000 so i might put that to the side for now and come back at the very end of this for that card.

Try for yourself.

If you haven't played the game before then now is the best time to join. Today is much better than tomorrow and a lot better than later.

Cards worth a few cents now will have a much higher value in the future as the print runs out. We have a strong community and seen this happen every time as it grows with the game.

Link to the game here,


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