Price goes down, stake goes up.

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Who doesn't love a good bear market?

Oh yes.

Those people in it for the short haul. The ones looking to pump and dump a token.

To buy the next shit coin and see it 100x so that they can get rich.

So then who does a love a bear market.

The buyers and the builders.

The ones with a long term plan who know what they are trying to achieve.

Now, I won't say that I love a bear market but if bitcoin crashed to 10K I wouldn't be unhappy. I would be buying one.

That's because I know what the plan is and want to hold it for the long run. I know that it will still be here in ten years and with a diminishing supply that it's a scarce commodity which will only get more valuable over time. Any crash is temporary and is an opportunity to get into the game for smaller buyers like myself.

The same goes for hive. I already been here for five years and will still be here in five more. Unless something drastic happens in the meantime then the eco-system will still be here in one form or another.

If the price drops back to 10c like last year you can be sure that I will be going in heavy to increase my stake for the future. And in the meantime I will keep increasing it daily by turning up and helping to grow that eco-system so that it keeps gaining value.

That is because I have a long term plan for Hive and my stake in the system. I know what the plan is and want to be ready when others find out about what we have here.

When they say look for a hidden gem, this si what they are talking about.

The funny part is that Hive is hidden in plain sight. Even funnier is the fact that we have been shouting about it to everybody that we can see for the past two years but they are still looking for the quick gains and the next LUNA.

The good news is that we are already here and can keep stacking while it's still so easy to do it.

I remember joining STEEM back in the day and seeing the accounts with 100K plus and wishing that i had joined a year earlier while votes were flowing like wine for hundreds of dollars.

That I had bought stake at 2c when it was really cheap to get started.

Then we had our chance two years ago and I took my chance to build the account to a decent level. Some took it and some didn't.

If we see that chance again I think a lot more people will have the confidence in Hive to buy up larger stakes in the eco-system.

When the price goes down you will see a lot of stakes go up form the long term planners.

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