Stocking up on Chaos legion.

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Stock up while prices are low.

I've been around splinterlands since thearly days and one thing that has repeated itself to some degree or another is that when an edition runs out, prices creep up.

It's happened with packs and cards across all editions and this time should be no different. We have a llot more chaos assets floating around than any of the previous editions but we also have a lot more players.

As long as we don't get another edition for a good few months then i think that we will see prices gaining quite nicely over the next few weeks.

It's already happpened with the chaos reward cards and there ar e alot of those in the system. A lot of people have been stocking up for the release of land as that is going to have a serious impact on the current card markets when people realize how many cards it's going to take to fill out their plots and get a return on them.

There really won't be enough cards to go around and i expect a lot of players to sell off some extra plots cheaply to fund enough workers for the plots that they can put to work. I'm hoping for it anyway.

I have a few plots and have enough cards to work it but that will kill my rental income as it will take about 100 maxed cards to get full return and i would have just about enough.

This should improve the rental prices though as there will be a lot less supply on offer.

When chaos legion first came out I spend a lot of time trying to fill out the full set and while i made a good start on it, since then i found the monsters that i liked the best for my deck and forgot about the rest.

Hopefully i have learned a lesson from previous editions where i will never be able to afford to max out the cards that i already hold and decided to make a big push this week to complete the set.


It can be hard to track hundreds of cards across a handful of acocunts so the only way to do it was sit down and get to work.

I had a lot of bits and pieces collected over the past year so it was a matter of seeing what i had and what i needed. Ignoring the legendary summoners as they cost too much and i never play them anyway.

Numbers in red are what i need to buy. Numbers in green are extra copies.

Deeplurker $ 4.320 Queen Mycelia $ 10.859 Grund $ 74.334 Carnage Titan $50.24 Nerissa Tridawn $ 75.900 Tusk the Wide $ 38.500 Chaos Agent $ 31.802 Riftwing $ 24.740 Stitch Leech $ 39.690 Grum Flameblade $ 42.400 Others $100 - $200

That's a lot of buying for one week but i can see the prices creeping up already. It's just lucky that i had some funds saved up to make the purchases.

But better now that in two months time.

What's left.

  • Common
    • Deeplurker
    • Chaos agent
  • Rare
    • Kelya Frendul
    • Obsidian
    • General Sloan
    • Thadius brood
  • Epic
    • Wave brood
    • Igor darkspear
  • Legendary
    • Quenn Mycelia

Another week will hopefully see it out. It's not cheap but i've seen how important it is to have a strong deck and with land coming, new league system coming, brawls 2.0. There is a lot to be excited about in the eco-system and this is the time to get ahead of the masses if we do see a run.

I'm also buying up packs slowely form the secondary market at just over $2. They might not moon but we will surely see them hit $4 in the next couple of months and double my investment. All i have to do is not open them up.

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