How To Calculate How Much Hive Power Is Needed For Each Hivebuzz Rank

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Let's Get Geeky

Another interest in the locker of mine is figuring out how things work and the maths behind something. This has probably been a side effect of working with @plantstoplanks, @cheese4ead and @foxyspirit on the @yourtop3 contest over the last 18 months as we've been trying to develop our leagues using copious amounts of spreadsheets! Oh the formulas...

However, this has not been a wasted activity as I have found myself getting stuck in to the more technical stuff and it's really helped with logical thinking (for the most part anyway)! One of the things I find myself digging into often is @hivebuzz's website and ranking system but as I am on a mission to get to HIVE Orca by the end of the year, I want to know how much Hive Power I need to get there.

"Vests" Are The Underlying Layer

I've often been a bit confused by "vests". No, not the things that the locals wear in redneck country, but all the time we talk about Hive Power and the importance of powering up, particularly with #hivepud happening on the 1st October, it's actually the "vests" that we're increasing. So what are they?

The best layman explanation I can offer is that it's a bit like your bandwidth on the internet and you can probably think of vests as resource credits (RCs). The more you have, the more you can do in terms of activity, voting on content, witnesses and proposals, things like that. Vests (RCs) are numbers on a scale that is so vast that Hive Power is basically a way to factor those numbers down to something a bit more comprehensible for the average user.

If someone with a bit more tech-know-how wants to give a proper description of vests in the comments, let me know.

The Calculation

OK, so now we have some idea of what vests are, you will see a rather large number under your profile when you go to check your hivebuzz page. You can see that it's in the 10s of millions (unlike my bank account #tears4havey) and so I have 95,856,762 vests - an unfathomable number which is hard to comprehend.

Insider information though, it's the vests that actually decide what rank you get from redfish, minnow, dolphin, orca or whale. Here's the required vests per rank:

100,000 = Redfish 1,000,000 = Minnow 10,000,000 = Dolphin 100,000,000 = Orca 1,000,000,000 = Whale

Now, I know that 95,856,762 vests = 49,768.452 HP as that's my wallet currently so we need to work out the vest conversion factor (at time of writing):

95,856,762/49,768.452 = 1,926

This means, as of 29th September 2020, you need:

51.92 HP = Redfish 519.2 HP = Minnow 5,192 HP = Dolphin 51,920 HP = Orca 519,200 HP = Whale

The calculation is:

Equation 1: Vest Conversion = Current Vest Amount From Hivebuzz / Current HP From Wallet

Equation 2: Hive Power Needed = Required Vests / Vest Conversion Factor

Of course, if you just wanted to wait and receive the badge from @hivebuzz and have a nice surprise then don't worry about it and enjoy your experience here!

Hope you found it helpful!


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