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Despite onboarding "the masses" by focussing on a user-by-user approach the communities may try to find ways to cooperate with web 2.0 communities. There are thousands of websites of Fan-Clubs or hobbyists that build communities in web 2.0. Everybody has a focus on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit but there are Millions of small-sized websites that have active communities. They share their content - be it photography, football, astronomy or whatever. If the Hive-communities would focus on onbording whole small communities by approaching their webmasters and offer them the opportunities of web 3.0 (transferring value, earn for content, build governance models based on activity) the might find some that would take the step and bring in a few hundred active users at once. If their usual website could still be the main frontend everybody only has to win. I really don´t know what is possible from a technical point of view, but I think there is a lot of common interest that could be the base of for fruitful cooperation.

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