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Hello friends, we've had a busy few days so I've been a bit away from here, but don't worry, I've brought you some great content today. As you know, Christmas is coming and in Kvinesdal a local marketplace was set up for Christmas and there was entertainment for two days on November 17 - 18, we had a lot of fun, now in this post I will take you to this event area, if you are ready, let's start!

This event had been announced to the people of Kvinesdal days before, it's a small town so it's very easy to spread the news and you can see posters everywhere. Since it was Friday, November 17th, the event started at 16.00 and was supposed to end at 20.00, and since we got home late, we had dinner and wanted to go to the event site right away. We were a bit late and were able to photograph the fireworks from our house.

The reason for the fireworks was the lighting of the Kvinesdal bridge, the lights were on because the decorations had been completed and to celebrate this, there was a fireworks display. Unfortunately we didn't get to see it up close, but we were able to see it at least from a distance when we went out.

After getting ready, we went to the city center and as you can see, everything looked so beautiful and sparkling. The snow made the event even more beautiful, everything was covered in white and Christmas decorations, it was a very warm atmosphere.

In the event area people were selling handmade products, snacks, waffles, etc.

There was a lot of decorations for the children and everyone came as a family, normally it's very difficult to see so many people out at the same time in Kvinesdal, but on special occasions like this people can come together and it's really valuable for the people who live here.

As it was an event for locals only, it was not very crowded but there was a decent crowd. It was fun to catch up with our friends and talk and spend time in the same environment and Christmas music played non-stop throughout the event, everyone was smiling and drinking their hot chocolate despite the extreme cold.

You can see the bridge from here, this is the lighting I mentioned at the beginning of the post, from a distance it looked dazzling as you can see in the photo and it added a beautiful atmosphere to the city. So we went to the bridge and took a photo and made it a nice memory.

The event consisted of two parts, we came to the event in the center, but we didn't find the crowd we expected, we went to the second part of the event, the event in the church, and we realized that actually everyone was there🥶️

When we entered, we noticed that it was very crowded and people were selling their handicrafts; decorations, food, drinks, hand-knitted products and much more by setting up small stands here. All the proceeds are donated to the church.

It was a fun event for us. I hope you liked it too, of course there was not a very flashy event area because it is a small place, but I wanted to include you in this because I still like local events. What kind of Christmas events are held where you live? I am curiously waiting for your posts.