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Leofinance content shall be limited to finance and/or crypto subjects, right?


Many Hive users, even if they are aware of LEOFINANCE, presumably are abstaining to post in that tribe. For a very simple reason - they think they are not wise enough to tell others something new or valuable in the field of global finance, investing and/or in cryptocurrencies. While this can be true if you think of full (long) format posting, things are totally different if we talk about the Leofinance THREADS. The short format posting on Hive, a.k.a. CRYPTOTWITTER. That is exactly how #threads are positioned.

Here is what every HIVE user needs to know. Just read the today's excellent post by @anomadsoul :

Recently almost all my curation (~99%) is limited to #threads, and my one full UP at full VP brings about 36 Leo's. How much 36 is worth, you can easy see on LEODEX

Start posting in a new crypto-twitter, and start earning every day, in a new, modern way.

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