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Last night my dream turned into reality.

But to better understand what really has happened, we must go back 12 days, when taskmaster4450 published his article Call Out To Leo Community: Names For Categories Of Leo Holders.

At this point I very much suggest you to read his post, as well as all the comments down below it, to better understand what I mean.

In a short - a new gamification names for Leo holders were introduced, naming them in accordance with the same Hive/Steem graduation, but changing the sea type creatures (redfish, minnow, dolphin, orca, whale) into something from a cat's world.

After all, LEO's and Lion's are the cats, aren't ?

In my comments there, I suggested that a new names could be appointed, as two higher levels on LEO seem to be possible. My suggested version was: kitty, cat, puma, Lion, Ikran, Toruk. (the one which I do not have a very big arguments to support, is "IKRAN". I would happily accept a better alternative, if one suggests)

Why exactly so, and what were my arguments, you can see also in my comments down below of the same article

100 Times bigger then a Whale?
So crazy?

But at the same time it looked not so much of impossible. Somehow I got really obsessed with the idea. The quote from Jake Sully was ringing in my mind all the time:

TORUK is the baddest cat in the sky. Nothing attacks him....

After the Halloween's 666666 things starter slowly, but surely develop ahead.

The UNISWAP opened a much wider spaces for trading. On Hive-Engine only - it could last much much much longer. And finally, after last knight I got my second portion of unstaked LEO's, this could become a real thing.


(btw, do you like AVATAR? I'm a big fan of that movie)

After a one more modest swap from UNISWAP pool, suddenly I realized that I already got enough of them.
Even more, about 9.2K above that magic level:

According to taskmaster4450's graduation, the red line is at 812471 LEO

So is it true, that "Nothing attacks him...." ? Would someone try to give me a company in the skies? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

You can't reach the target, until you have not set it (for yourself).

@onealfa (aka TORUK MAKTO)

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