Time etches our characters.

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These mountains are millions of years old and still they stand steadfast.

Proudly they stand and we can see the mountains from mostly everywhere in town.

Over the ages the mountains have had to endure thousands of attacks by the weather in the form of severe storms, and yet they stand proudly in defiance. The rocks at their peaks are scarred and deep valleys were cut over time as evidence of the onslaughts of the rain driven by severe storm winds and hail. And yet, on a hot sunny day they stand smiling in the sun with their craggy faces. At times they even cover themselves with clouds.

So, let's go and take a closer look.

And then, a bit later in the day.

They always say, "Tomorrow will be another day", but you and I live on borrowed time. There is not one of us that has not made mistakes, and we all have to face onslaughts and problems, exactly the same that the mountains do. But also, the same as the mountains, we stand fast, we overcome the problems, and we simply continue to live our lives. Just like the mountains, we also have to stand steadfast in endurance, and we mustn't give up on the gift and beauty that is life. In our work we face so many hopeless cases, that have been battered by life, and yet there is always a smile to see. Like the mountains, we were also designed to overcome our problems, and to stand solid in our convictions, that we will not be moved.

Forgiveness is a great tool in life, but so many don't find it easy to forgive. Only when we start to understand that all of us are in the same basket, can we start to live a better life. Yes, we all have been hurt at times, but we cannot say that we have not hurt anyone else. A deep introspection will reveal the intricacies of life to us. Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. The main issue is to forgive the self first.

I hope you have enjoyed the story and the pictures.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon PowershotSX70HS Bridge camera.

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