LEO&HODL Contest: My Guess for Sprint Quests of the $10K LEO Event

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Even if you have missed numerous opportunities in the community recently, here is one that you should not miss at all. For some weeks now, there have been plenty of updates about the “Leofinance Sprints Quest,” which is also called the “Leo Adoption Campaign.” There have been many talks and invite links shared for users to join before April 30th.

The Wait Is Almost Over

This is definitely another massive one coming to the hive community as a whole, especially with its ability to have been extended to all communities, which means every single individual has an opportunity to participate regardless of their community.   If you haven't joined, here's another chance to sign up on Zealy to be part of the contest. Link   What is a Sprint Quest event?   Have you joined Zealy? If yes, #sprint Quest is all about carrying out some interesting task as given by the organizer of the contest. This task comes in different forms; it might be by performing some activities on threads, like posting and commenting, or on social media like Twitter or Facebook. There are a lot of things to do; even buying and staking Leo and Hive tokens might be given as a task.   Being diligent in doing any tasks given will definitely come with some rewards and positioning in the contest #leaderboard too.   Have you ever thought of what it feels like to be among the $10,000 winners and even win a 100,000 hive for the community you represent? This is why you have to make sure that you meet all demands during the #quest contest.   Why should someone join this event?   There are absolutely plenty of reasons to join the contest, especially based on the whopping prize attached to it. For a moment, I take a look at how well $10k will change your leofinance career. Not even that alone, it will have a positive impact on your life outside the community.   One of the best ways to advertise your presence and create more familiarity in the community is by joining the contest. Recently, it was made clear that it's not just all about winning for yourself alone; users also get the chance to win for their community too. 100k hive token to be given to a community whose users emerge victorious too, being part of this contest might just be another avenue to make you the face of the community you represent via the contest.   How easy or hard will the quests be?   I honestly foresaw some challenges, especially for the newbies. I foresaw tasks coming with some big requirements that some newbies might not be able to meet. Even from the invite section, users with a limited number of invitees might definitely have it hard to compete, but regardless of that, I honestly still see this contest as one that will definitely keep the community alive.   Only if tasks will come with how efficient and quickly users carry them out, that would certainly be the best way to be fair with everyone, as we are all starting from zero on the leaderboard, but regardless of that, it is significant that you also invite others and tell them about it, just as the #leocontest is doing currently via the LEO&HODL Contest.   What types of Quests do you expect in the event?   This is absolutely the most interesting part of it, or I should just say where my guess for the contest finally comes in. There are certainly going to be numerous views about how it should go, but here is my view too.   Threads Quest   Threads have indeed been one of the most talked-about initiatives in the community recently, especially when it comes to engaging users daily, so the best way to get more users' attention is certainly now. Some weeks ago, I saw a thread from @rmsadkri aiming to have 1000 threads in a week. 

This is absolutely one thing we can take into Quest since engagement is properly monitored in the community. Making it a mandate to reach 1000 threads before moving to the next task should be part of it, with users being restricted from moving to the next level unless they have reached that number of threads.   Leo and the Hive Token Quest

There have been numerous initiatives put in place to promote stacking of tokens in all communities; bringing in Leo and the Hive token stacking quest will absolutely be an added advantage. This might not really be so demanding, but at least it will help users who meet in terms of increasing their stack volume and growth in the community.    Content Quest   Just as the Leo&Hodl contest brings out creativity in its members by giving weekly contests, Sprint Quest too can serve as an opportunity to unlock writing potential in users. Raising topics to talk about will absolutely help, and a high level of creativity should be demanded too. For me, that will undoubtedly help the contest go viral and also make it more competitive.   Hive Promotion Quest   Promoting the community is vital, so for me, that should always be part of the quest. Having users link their social media pages is essential, and promoting the contest until its final day should be vital. For me, that should also be a daily task for every individual, which will not just help them compete for the prize alone but will absolutely help promote the community at large.   Thousands of individuals are looking forward to this right now, and even though I have some reservations about the contest, I still see it as the biggest to come in the blockchain as a whole.   Share your expectations for the Quest.   Simple and straight here: though Leofinance is filled with plenty of individuals with various values in terms of Leo tokens and hive stacked, I'm honestly looking forward to a contest in which every individual will be on the same level regardless of their worth in the community, enabling both old and new users to get a massive opportunity to build themselves and their accounts via the quest.   Even at that, I foresaw a contest that will absolutely introduce hive blockchain to the world at large and also create a massive connection among communities.   Discuss how to get prepared.   Just a few days away from the contest, your preparation also matters. Regardless of how hard or simple it might look to you, it's essential that you also put something in place.   Tell others about it.   Inviting other users to the contest matters most; that also shows how ready you are for the contest. The number of users invited will absolutely help, irrespective of how fair we expect the contest to be. Link   Save some Leo for the quest.   You might certainly need some Leo token along the way in the contest, so get some liquid Leo and save in case there is a need to power up Leo token as part of the quest tasks too.   It's absolutely going to be a very competitive one come April 30th, and getting set for the contest starts now.   Here is my entry to the contest #hodlcontest this week, inviting @houseofdavid, @lordemmy, and @pthker to join the contest and share their opinions too.      

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