Another milestone reached: celebrating my 4th Hive birthday

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

Yesterday, I got a notification from @hivebuzz that I received a personal badge as it was my fourth birthday here on Hive. I knew it was but I had to roll out another round of my regular Monday tipping challenge and since I didnĀ“t want to spam your feed with 2 posts in one day, I decided to put off the "celebration" until today. Thanks for the badge, @hivebuzz, it looks cool :)

So yeah, 4 years on this amazing chain with this amazing community, wow... I still remember that day, November 29, 2017 when I created my account and published the first post. It was on the terrace of our apartment in Playa del Carmen, Mexico where we lived back then. Of course I had no idea back then that this seemingly simple and mundane moment would literally change my life :) I donĀ“t want to describe my journey here on Hive again as I have already done that many times in my previous milestone posts (not just birthday posts, I like celebrating all kinds of milestones :D) so instead, I will show you how Hive has progressed during those years, at least price-wise.

So when I joined Hive (it was actually Steem back then, I am sure most of you know the story, right?) on November 29, 2017 the price of the coin was $0.96. It was just before the epic bullrun at the turn of 2017/2018. One month later, Steem hit the ATH of more than $8...

* When I was celebrating my first birthday on the chain on November 29, 2018 the price of the coin (still Steem back then) was $0.37. We were already several months into what turned out to be an incredibly long and exhausting bear market...

* My second birthday on the chain on November 29, 2019 was the last one on Steem. The price was $0.15. Very frustrating times. The blockchain sometimes felt like a ghost town but some of us were still active on daily basis...

* My third birthday was last year. November 29, 2020. Finally on Hive. The price was $0.12 per 1 Hive. Still super low but the spirit and atmosphere in the community were much different. We were Hive already. We were excited, determined and ready to make it big...

* And we did it ;) Yesterday, November 29, 2021. My fourth birthday and the price was $2.77. Just a few days before that, we even broke the $3 mark and I am sure we will soon break $5 too...

But donĀ“t get me wrong. There are many people here on the chain who created their accounts long before me. I donĀ“t consider myself an OG here. But I think even my journey can be a good example and a proof that consistency, persistence and dedication really pay off in the long run. If you were active here during those days when Hive was cowering around the $0.10 mark, deep in the crypto market cap basement, you must remember how easy it actually was to earn Hive because the competition for the reward pool was just a fraction of what it is now when we keep hitting new ATHs almost every other day and people are flocking to our chain in masses. Just keep that in mind in the next bear market ;)

Thank you guys for being a part of all of this. ItĀ“s been quite the ride indeed. Hive on! :)


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