Flowing Together: Twin River

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Annyeonghaseyo chingu (Hello Friends!) Maya is here again and again. How's your weekend/weekday? Hope you enjoy the Holy Week, the weather is too hot right? stay hydrated everyone.

So for today's blog I would like to tour to you one of the tourist spots here in my town and also I want share some experience of our unwind Sunday in Twin River Resort located at Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia Negros Occidental Philippines, and I already mentioned it in my last blog which is "The beauty of my Town". So, Let's get started!

Twin River

Twin River is a popular tourist destination here in Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines. Twin river is known for its scenic beauty, crystal-clear waters, and lush surroundings. Also the name Twin River comes from the two combined river that's why it's calles "Twin River".The history of Twin River likely dates back to the indigenous peoples of the region who first inhabited the area. Over time, it may have become a gathering place for local communities and a spot for recreation and relaxation.

In recent years, with the growth of tourism of Murcia, Twin River has gained popularity among both locals and tourists seeking natural attractions. The local government and community likely have invested in its development, providing amenities and facilities to accommodate visitors while also preserving its natural beauty.

Twin River Resort

March 31, Sunday, me and my cousins planned to have a outing or some unwind because of the hot weather. We planned to go to Twin River Resort to swim and bond. But before that, we buy some foods to cook and eat, like meat, fish and some curls at the Market. Then we took a Bus or we called "Cebro" and the fare of that bus is 15-20 pesos, and if you have 100 pesos or $2 you have a back and forth fare and the entrance of the resort that cost 20-30 pesos.

We travelled 10-20 mins from Murcia Public Plaza to Twin River Resort. After that, we enjoyed the view and the refreshing water even though it's really hot, we stayed under the bridge.

We cooked and grilled the meat and fish. My cousin Arjay was incharged to cook while me was incharged to arranged the other stuff.

We do picnic, swimming, and sound trips while talking each other stuff. After that, we find some banana leaves to be the plates and we washed it using mineral that we bought.

Eating Time

As what you can see, that's our food and we called it "Buddle Fight". We started with the prayer then we eat and enjoy the food. As we finished to eat we rest and talked, after that we go back to swim.

Going Home

4:30 pm we are done, we cleaned our things and rinsed our body so that we can go home. At 5:30 pm, we leave the place and we wait a bus. 6 pm we already at our home, full of happiness and also we get tired because of swimming. I end my day by sleeping. 😴 HAHAHAHA

*You've already reached the end of my blog, thank you for reading and have a nice day chingu!

Published by: @pixiemaya Date: April 2, 2024