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It looks like yesterday November starts and now we are marching to close the month within 8 days. As you know way too well, every first of the month we celebrate Hive by powering up some. This celebration has been going strong for quite a while. It is a mesmerizing way to power and encourage others and newbie to do the same. I have been powering up every month in 2021 and there you have it, December is approaching.

With Hive appreciating so much it could become a little hectic for many to power. Nonetheless this is the time to plan and see how many you can consolidate and make the move by the first of the month. Hive is way more than a dollar for the last couple of days. While the whole market is heading South, Hive itself is contemplating the North side. We ask for the dollar and we have it. Can you handle it?

While #btc is losing some of its marketcap, it does not stop other tokens to take notice. Glad for you to know there are more out there than Bitcoin. I think the reason for the decline has to do with this time of the year. The expectation suggests a pump to the $100k for BTC. The reality never seems to dictate the true value of the market. You could be tired of inflation. This is another reality that sets in and could be around for a while.

Crypto has its way of showing us what could come. #hive these days looks strong, even BTC decline does not bulge it up road to $3. I know #hpud will be harder to achieve. At least manage to power the amount you can put away. While Hive increases in value, resources credit should increase in value as well. I cannot wait for the moment when delegation for credit is turned on. This is another opportunity to power more Hive and give more power to the holders.

While November looks pale to many, for a diamond paw November looks remembering knowing this is the month Hive tested the dollar mark for quite a few days. It could be the month Hive changes the lives of many when they change it to their home currency. This is what value should be. 8 days to gather your thoughts and pile Hive to power for a last time in 2021. The next one will be huge if you know what I mean. Keep vesting in what make you stronger.

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