My First investment as a learner staking Cub and Polycub

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Hi everyone, hello leo-family, am so excited writing my first post about crypto and my benefit from the great project POLYCUB which is created by @khaleelkazi and his amazing team.

Firstly, I acquired some busd and swap into cub using pancakeswap from my metamask wallet browser.

After swapping, my coin was showing in my wallet on metamask. I locate "" on my metamask browser to stake my cub in kingdom

Seeing the pic above, I have little cub in my stake kingdom but I need to acquire more, so I got more today with my little cash to benefit more rewards from the airdrop.

I went to the polycub airdrop to claim my reward,it might be little now but am happy to benefit from the airdrop and will acquire more before the airdrop is over

Finally, I went to the Xpolycub to stake my polycub for it.

I want to appreciate the leofinanace team and @khaleelkazi for the great job on the project and have really learnt alot from each article posted by @khaleelkazi and every member in Leo Finance and also @jersteemit who put me through and introduce peakd and teach me more about it.


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