10 fungi finds for Mushroom Monday

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Hola, setero! My followers ask - where are the fungi photos, if I stopped photographing them? no, my obsession with mushrooms has not disappeared. Simply, this year I have not to much to brag about. I haven't visited the forest even once! (So it happened, I had life circumstances... although the first trip to the forest was planned back in April, when the soil is still covered with snow - I had a rare chance to check the first spring mushrooms that appear with the snow melting. But half of my family got sick, and... all in all, said trip was postponed and never happened).

I spent all of the summer in the city, the forest and me... this year we existed in very separate reality. However, walking across the streets and parks, from time to time I came across mushrooms here and there, and when I had a camera with me, I took photos - and hoard them. Now it's time to share some!

An unsuccessful photo also can be attractive and intresting. The beautiful stem attracted me to this mushroom... and its cap in my photo simply got out of focus. Trash! But watching the frame back home on the monitor, I noticed - this mushroom served as a home for a small spider. (You'll see it in the bottom right corner if you haven't skipped quickly). All in all - this capture has such a marvelous colour contrast, that I chose it as the post cover.

Probably, thats a brown rim roll. (Slightly oversized).

Puff-balls. They pop up each year in my own yard, at same location, I just need to catch the moment when they are well lit by the sun - and before they are trampled by the kids playing in the yard. This year I managed in time, to make a few captures.

Weird Orange Fluffy Plush Fungi! It maybe does not look attractive in the photos, but in real life... it was a pure fluffy plush! Nice and touchy.

And below are a few more cool images from my archive for you to enjoy, captures were taken last summer:

Creamy (or milky.. or ivory?) very pleasurable little goblet. Absolutely no idea of its ID.

This old trimming fungus settled down on this rotten trunk a few years ago, doing his decomposing job well - some moss already start to decompose the fungus itself! Well, ok maybe not decompose but use it as a strata for new life possibilities.

It looks amazingly plushy and soft, delicate, like it was finished with fine suede. Probably, the name is Xerocomellus chrysenteron, if i'm not mistaken (red cracking bolete).

I love to find brightly colored festive-looking mushrooms - yellow, amber, honey or crimson... even if the mushroom isn't edible! (Sadly, I never encountered yet the bright toxic green or cyan ones - seem rare in my area!) The photo shows a russula that has begun to grow.

This one is also Russula sp. - but the one who aged badly! The worms, of course, found her a long time ago and did what they could (worms always do their job perfectly and don’t stop what they start halfway) ... this is an unsuccessful candidate for collection, but an excellent model for portraiture - “an old woman who once used to be a beautiful Russula.”

A little advertisement: in Fungi Lovers community share your foraging stories and trophies, photos and recipes, identification questions, contemplations and ideas. If you are not sure about correct ID (which allows us to find out more about certain fungus), no problem, feel no fear - fungi are full of weird alien charm we can adore even nameless. We appreciate them not only for their cooking values!

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