Rising Star Giveaway: win 2000 Starbits + 1 LEO and my pack opening. (23 November EST)

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Rising Star Giveaway: win 2000 Starbits + 1 LEO and my pack opening. (23 November EST)

Today again I opened a pack to try my luck in the game and to see what I will get from it. Also this post will serve as a giveaway post also. 2000 Starbits are grab in this giveaway. In today pack opening I got the below cards.

The rare card "R112 Bodhran" is minimum listed at 6900 starbits. This card comes with 0 fans, 0 skills, 50 luck and 0 IM. It is plain luck card.

"48 Jack" is second card that have 10 fans , 5 skills ,0 luck and 0 IM, it current cheapest listing is 640 Starbits.

"i40 Cheap Keys V3" is third card that have 0 fans , 0 skills and 1 luck and 0 IM and it current cheapest listing is 590 Starbits.

So overall pack opening worth is aprrox. 8000 Starbits. Look like this is break even.

A card for cheap.

Till now all my cheap listed card is sold out, it clearly shows there is demand of cards in market. I will offer "48 Jack" for 600 starbits today, this is to beat cheapest listing for this card at 640 Starbits.

Few cards that were listed for cheap earlier.(and all were sold)

Card NameListed Price
i6 Mid Range Acoustic6750
13 Buster450
i25 Cheap Trombone500
i43 Mid Range Sax600
41 Jerome600
13 Buster450
13 Buster450
13 Buster450
i44 Old Cello500
R47 Dave600
R23 Daisy11000
R9 The Songwriter21500
43 Riley580
13 Buster480
46 Heather540
46 Heather600
R90 Touring Coach28000
R98 RS 162500
i6 Mid Range Acoustic6750
46 Heather575
50 Belle1300

My Stats on game.

Permanent Fans : 13181 Skill :23780 Ego meter : 0% (20960) Level : 93(2008/4650)

Giveway (Win 2000 Starbits + 1 LEO)

Anyone who like to participate in this giveaway can comment before 23:59:59 EST (Eastern standard time) will be included in this giveaway. I will be using for picking up the winner.

If you win and you have commented through interface, then you will get a additional 1 LEO)

Results of Previous giveaway.

Congratulation @oxidil 2000 Starbits is sent to you.
Additional 1 LEO is also sent to you for using Leo Finance interface for commenting. Previous giveaway post can be read at here

Warning! Do not buy Starbits millionaire card from market.

You can read details about it this post. Only Jux will be awarding this card for free in discord, you should not be buying this card.

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