Rising Star Giveaway: win 2000 Starbits + 1 LEO and my pack opening analysis. (1 June EST)

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Rising Star Giveaway: win 2000 Starbits + 1 LEO and my pack opening analysis. (1 June EST)

Things keep changing and what look good till yesterday does not look an good option today. I used to open a pack and sell one of the card to make inflow of income little constant but once I felt that card are not getting on desired rate, I stopped selling them.

Since card is getting cheap, so the worth of pack opening also gone down. I still considered the pack opening as I thought may be I get atleast one epic card that can make it up all.

So finally I took dig on my full May month data (apart from 1 day, I opened pack daily and it analyzed my opening 30 packs and it average come out as 6415 starbits or approximately 6500 Starbits.

As far ROI is considered I lost 3500 starbits per pack opening.

I am stopping the pack opening now not due to poor ROI but it is also halting me on my fan progress, for past few days I got so many "luck" card and hardly able to increase my fan counts. So I am concentrating on my fan count for this month of June and hopefully to reach 50K fans and I will resume pack opening from month of July.

A card for cheap.

I stopped selling cards now but you can check my old post to see the price of cards at which they were sold.

My stats on Pack opening

Stats for April 2022

DatePack opening Worth in StarbitsLink to Post
1-May-20224000Details of pack
2-May-20227000Details of pack
3-May-202210000Details of pack
4-May-20223500Details of pack
5-May-202210500Details of pack
6-May-20226000Details of pack
7-May-20224000Details of pack
8-May-20224000Details of pack
9-May-20228000Details of pack
10-May-202223500Details of pack
11-May-20224200Details of pack
12-May-20224200Details of pack
13-May-20227500Details of pack
14-May-20227000Details of pack
16-May-20226200Details of pack
17-May-20224350Details of pack
18-May-20224000Details of pack
19-May-20227500Details of pack
20-May-20228500Details of pack
21-May-20228500Details of pack
22-May-20225000Details of pack
23-May-20224500Details of pack
24-May-20228000Details of pack
25-May-20228500Details of pack
26-May-20224000Details of pack
28-May-20224000Details of pack
29-May-20224000Details of pack
30-May-20224500Details of pack
31-May-20227500Details of pack

My Stats on game.

Permanent Fans : 44876 Skill : 87001 Ego meter : 0% (68788) Level : 138(1458/6900)

Giveaway (Win 2000 Starbits + 1 LEO)

Anyone who like to participate in this giveaway can comment before 23:59:59 EST (Eastern standard time) will be included in this giveaway. I will be using with "Consider Comments" and "remove bots" setting. I will check the list manually to reconfirm and remove the other accounts that look like bot to me.

PS: Will use if hivefortune will not work.

If you win and you have commented through interface, then you will get a additional 1 LEO)

Results of Previous giveaway.

Congratulation @davidxxl 2000 Starbits is sent to you. Additional 1 LEO is also sent to you for using Leo Finance interface for commenting.

Previous giveaway post can be read at here

Why I emphasize on Leo Interface.

Though I do not promise and guarantee but I have upvoted all the participants till now with my Leo curation account. So those who are not using Leo Interface for commenting are also losing 20% of Leo Author rewards too.

Warning! Do not buy Starbits millionaire card from market.

You can read details about it this post. Only Jux will be awarding this card for free in discord, you should not be buying this card.

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