Splinterland's: Building my passive income empire.

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Splinterland's: Building my passive income empire.

After playing Splinterland's for so many years and reinvesting my income in the game , I am now actually I am to start multiple streams of the passive income in the game. Currently some these income are really paying me handsomely but I am still reinvesting them most of it in Splinterlands again and a part of it in Hive also that to help me in both meeting my Hive goals as well little rebalancing of Splinterland's account also in which I am overly exposed if I compare to my all Hive holdings.

I am little surprised that I am really involved in so many "passive" things in game and actually these passive income are currently making much more for me then my actual playing though my actual playing is one that paved the way for these passive income.

1.) SPS staking rewards.

Currently SPS staking rewards makes my biggest chunk of my passive income and I am getting daily SPS and Vouchers for it. I am not going for the exact numbers but my SPS and Voucher airdrop is still make $5 per day for me.

2.) License rewards.

I have also purchased 2 Node license that in total is generating me Hive income of $3 in form of SPS and Vouchers.

3. ) Rental Income.

Rental income is something that is exactly not constant every day , but I think I can take it as average of 1500 DEC per day . At current price it is more then $1 in income daily. Since Hive is hitting the bottom, I m converting my DEC into Hive to accelerate my Hive growth.

4. ) Splinterland's Tower Defense income.

At start , I have no interest in playing Splinterland's Tower Defense game but when I learnt that I can have some handsome passive rewards for just holding the packs, I jumped into it and now I an seeing that team is regularly giving updates for the game. In current scenario , these packs earn me some 50 cents daily.

5.) Liquidity provider income.

I am in swap.hive:voucher and DEC:SPS pool and I think I am currently making atleast 25 cents daily from my pool income.

6.) GLX airdrop income.

I am getting more then 100 GLX daily and seeing the price of the GLX token in Hive Engine it is more then $20 in income. Currently I am feeling that price of GLX token is too good nd I am parting away with them and unfortunately this was not my original plan. I will be probably re enter to my GLX position but currently it is helping me to get Hive. GLX airdrop is most rewarding but will end in next year october so this passive going to end , but I might enter in GLX staking once price stablize and it will open another passive income for me.

Hope all of you also be doing great and please feel share your passive income ideas.

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