Splinterland's : Can I Survive on my Splinterland's earnings.

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Splinterland's : Can I Survive on my Splinterland's earnings.

This post is just for exploring the facts and possibility only as I am currently not thinking of leaving my job anytime soon. Actually I am inspired by @joetunex post that 1 SPS currently approximate to 1 South African Rand and I thought that let me roughly find my Splinterland's earning and see if they are sufficient enough for me to survive in case of any emergency. In this calculation I will not consider my other Splinterland's assets like Untamed packs, Chaos packs or DEC that I saved for future and I will also not consider the SPS airdrop that is going to end soon.

So what I am going to include.

First thing I will include the collection power of my account that is close to 1 million CP. Second thing I will like to include the income from my SPS stake (that will definitely cross 200K before the airdrop ends.) and third income I will add is the income from the SPS Node validator License.

So how the final calculation look.

I will go for very conservative number and instead of playing my account that might yield variable income each day. I feel if I put my account at rent at average price of 250 CP/DEC , it will fetch 4000 DEC. Taking 70 cents per 1000 DEC, it will give me $2.8 daily.
Current SPS APR is around 37% and I assume that it will come down to 20% or less in a year. So I take 20% APR as conservative number. So by staking APR I will get 40K SPS in a year, around 109 daily and taking SPS price at .055 USD , it will give income of $6 daily. I also see that I am getting 15 VOUCHERS daily for staking SPS and Node validator License. At .50 USD per VOUCHER it give $7.5 daily. Adding 2.8,6 and 7.5 it is approximately $16 earning daily or $480 in a month. Putting 30% tax on it it will become $336 .

I will not be able to survive in metro city but in some very small town and with frugal living , I will be might able to survive.

Volatile earnings.

Calculation that is valid for today may not be valid for tomorrow, I remember VOUCHERS used to be 80 cents last week and now they are just 50 cents and I cannot predict if they go below 50 cents or they might go above $1 in next week.

Happy to know about this passive/semi-passive income

Still I am happy to know my earning potential in this game and it is all semi-passive (for rentals) and fully passive for SPS stake and Node License.

My future plans in Splinterlands

My future plan in Splinterlands is actually dependent upon Hive price. I am waiting for Hive to go above $1 and I will buy CHAOS packs and my be I work for making max deck of CHAOS cards.

Note for my affiliates

If you want to play splinterlands then you can join it here

I saw few of the player joined the game using my affiliate link and then stopped playing after few battles. If you have any difficulty in playing game, do not hesitate and join the game discord. It is really helping community and contact me here or on discord, I will definitely review your game for your better game experience.

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