Splinterland's : Earned assets worth more than 1 BTC.

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Splinterland's : Earned assets worth more than 1 BTC.

When I first heard of the BTC, I decided to check how some "digital money" that even do not have even any kind of physical form is so much sought?

More I researched, more I started understanding the inflation/deflation , money printing on the will, corruption and no transparency at the governance.

And I wished for 1 BTC.

With BTC , I also started knowing to about the other crypto currencies , their mining algorithm that ranged from PoW to PoS and off course there were tokens too that predominantly in ETH chain. With all these token, altcoins and BTC , I just wished for 1 BTC and at that time , I did not wished $10K or $20K or million Dollars, but just a plain 1 BTC. To fulfill this wish, I got the idea to earn it and with this I landed into Hive(Steem) , Splinterlands and other Hive eco system and start devoting my time in Hive and started making my Hive goals , completely forgetting about my very first wish.

So how I progressed in Splinterlands

And with years passed, I started getting more and more submerged in Hive ecosystem , interacting in various tribe bur never forgetting to play my Splinterland's Daily Quest , earning my DEC from ranked battles and of course upgrading my cards and taking opportunities in buying cheap cards and later selling them in profit, taking part in card giveaways and playing the other accounts for profit sharing too. My recent purchase of Level 7 Alpha Lyanna Natura for $320 is again on of the case.

I maintained my account at optimum level where it does not become plain grinding and it did not become too much spending and instead of a max level account , I created a Gold level and Silver level account that is still cheaper then a max level account and I play both of them simultaneously.

One thing I did, that I rarely cashed out my game earnings, they went back into game or they are remain liquid in form of DEC that is very helpful in getting some profits from market volatility.

Rental Income also kicked in.

As I said, I never sold my cards, all rewards cards were stacked and put it into another account for renting them. At current scenario I average 1000 DEC daily and this income is getting generated from my spare cards that I do not need in my battle.

All it started with just $50

This is the most interesting thing that all of this started with just $50 in early Janurary 2019 and as of today my Splinterland's assets consists of Cards, SPS , Voucher and swap.hive (I sold DEC, and will again buy DEC ,once DEC goes below peg.) As of today these assets are still worth more than $50K i.e still more then 1 BTC.

I am not going to cash out it for 1 BTC but I will work in more consolidation and I am hopeful once it reaches >5 BTC, I might cashout 1 BTC to fulfill my dream.

If you want to play splinterlands then you can join it here

I saw few of the player joined the game using my affiliate link and then stopped playing after few battles. If you have any difficulty in playing game, do not hesitate and join the game discord. It is really helping community and contact me here or on discord, I will definitely review your game for your better game experience.

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