Splinterland's : Explosive growth is yet to come.

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Splinterland's : Explosive growth is yet to come.

I was going through the namelessnameless post where he was analyzing the Weekly Gamefi report and some part of this report really caught me attention and I started feeling that Splinterland's has lot more potential for it growth from where it is currently positioned.

Actually in blockchain games , ownership of asset is with the players and Splinterland's is not an exception but Splinterland's
stand apart for the stickiness to the the game that is as high as 65% beating the second competitor with the big margin that stood at just 24%.

But in the same time it look quite awkward that weekly transaction volume in USD is just come to .03 million USD . Unfortunately when you start looking the Splinterland's in Gamefi Category or in the Metaverse Category it do not feature in top 20 coins on that category.

This is mainly due to cheap price of the SPS token which is still getting airdropped and the very little use case of SPS in current ecosystem.

When I compare Splinterland's with Axie , Splinterland's marketcap is just a miniscule of current Axie marketcap and if you see that Axie infinity playerbase it is nowhere comparable to the Splinterland's player base.

I guess most of the top game in marketcap are riding the wave of the metaverse and it really mesmerizing that Axie single land plot was sold for the 2.4 million USD and it is one of the rare genesis land plot.

I guess , once Splinterland's will start distributing the land, it's classification start taking place and once the "keep" and "Castle" land is identified , I assume that "Castle land" might fetch some handsome amount and will add a whole new dimension to the game. It will make the gameplay more diverse and more interesting and I feel where we see a surge of interest and marketcap of the Splinterland's and again one who is early in the game will reap the benefits.

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