Splinterland's : My Road to 300K staked SPS

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Splinterland's : My Road to 300K staked SPS

I have made my initial goal of 200K staked SPS and I completed that goal somewhere in July with few spare days of airdrop. Since airdrop was already completed so a major source that contribute towards my staking goal is actually removed. In the meantime I decided to buy the Node License for which I have unstaked my SPS and converted a part into DEC because I also planned to buy CHAOS packs.

So it is almost 4 months and I am now have 216K of staked SPS in my accounts and to reach 300K SPS , I still need 84K of the SPS. I put earlier a hard limit on my self that my staked SPS should not go below 200K SPS and now I am increasing this value to 300K SPS. Since I am staking less then 300K SPS, so it means I am not going to do any unstake of SPS, resisting my temptation to pursue new opportunity/investment.


One of the reason that is making me firm on my decision is the current SPS price. Even though airdrop is complete but there is still more then 66% of supply to be unlocked and it is getting dropped daily as staking rewards, LP rewards, game earning rewards, TD pack holding rewards ,Land holding rewards etc.

But still this much addition to supply is not worrying me as I know the coin has capped supply that will be hit in next 5- 5.5 years. With "Rebellion" approaching in next year July, I guess team might be able to do turnaround for SPS too as they currently did for DEC.

One of major reason that I firmly believe that SPS will get turn around because Splinterlands Ecosystem is constantly expanding and by looking at team plans and roadmaps look like they are not going to stop soon and since SPS token mark the Splinterland's marketcap also , I am sure turnaround days of SPS will also come.(or blame LUNA or FTX debacle, when BTC is constantly dropping, so just thinking SPS dropping is little unfair)

So let's see how the future unfolds and let me keep building.

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Note for my affiliates

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