Splinterland's: Pulled trigger to buy more SPS.

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Splinterland's: Pulled trigger to buy more SPS.

Everyone who has heard about Splinterland's definitively heard about the governance token of Splinterland's game i.e SPS. SPS is one of the tokens that will be having the caped supply but it is going to play a crucial role in the future ecosystem of the game. One of its notable future use of it is to generate DEC by burning SPS. Now with zero emission of DEC, the team is really working towards reducing the supply of DEC going forward, and effectively it is going to increase the utility of SPS once DEC is consumed.
With land and SPS chain also going to be in effect this year, I am sure SPS recovery will going to happen with more utility and sinks tied to the SPS.

I have a long-term goal of having at least 300K SPS and more but I never worried about this goal once I crossed 200K stakes of SPS and my progress is actually really slow toward 300K goals if I consider that I was staking some 205K SPS when airdrop ended and I have added only 31K SPS in last 7 months and most of it is getting added due to staking APR. Staking APR is one of the reasons that I stopped aggressively chasing this goal because it is still more than 3.5 years before staking APR will stop and this can keep giving me SPS even if I do not play or login into the game.

So today, after a long time I decided to buy a nice chunk of SPS and purchased more then 2000 SPS (2121 to be exact). I was wondering to buy more of it but I like to balance both Hive and SPS goals. I already promised myself that I am not going to spend any SPS unless I maintain a stake of 300K SPS (maybe if SPS in long term reaches above $1 then I will convert it into some tangible assets.) With the GLX airdrop going on, SPS staking APR is now greater than 42%.

So with my today's purchase, my SPS stake is just over 238K and almost fetching around 100 SPS daily as staking rewards that will be further staked daily to fuel my SPS growth.

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