Splinterland's: Announcement of Rebellion set has a positive impact on Splinterlands Tokenomics.

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Splinterland's: Announcement of Rebellion set has a positive impact on Splinterlands Tokenomics.

Team Splinterlands now announced go ahead with the Rebellion set, which was as per the original roadmap planned for the July 2023 release. Since CHAOS packs need to be burned and a lot of them sold at heavy discounts on Holiday sales/last Christmas, the market did have an oversupply of CHAOS packs and cards. As per this announcement post, the team will create a proposal so that DAO can pay 250K USD to the team and the team will share 50% revenue of pack sales with DAO. If DAO proposal is not passed, still team will still go ahead with the Rebellion pack sale but no revenue will be shared with the DAO.

Sharing of revenue with DAO is a long-term goal of the team to strengthen the DAO as per the vision shared by yabapmatt in the splinterlands staff reduction and restructuring post and I feel passing the DAO proposal is the current best thing in game because of following factor.

1.) DAO will be strengthened with the funds that will be beneficial in the long run. 2.) Since DAO will pay 250K USD in stables so this money will give runway to team for more months without any spending DEC that they will earn from pack sales. 3.) If DEC supply is transferred to DAO/team and not sold by the team immediately, then DEC definitely will go to peg and ultimately it can help SPS to go up in price as SPS burning is required to get DEC.

How did the announcement help Splinterland's tokenomics?

If you have checked the Splinterlands Town Square October 2nd, 2023! post it does not mention the price of Rebellion but it mentioned 2 things.

The price for Rebellion will be in DEC

Vouchers will play a part in the Rebellion sale and there will be a discount for vouchers

Interestingly after this announcement Vouchers price are up by at least 20% and DEC price up by 10% as a short term impact.

But if these sales go well and it is able to take out all the DEC from the market, then it will definitely help in increasing the price of SPS. Since DAO is holding lot of SPS (and DEC too if sale proceed go to DAO) then I see DAO will get going to be very cash-rich. If this junction if DAO is able to change some percentage SPS and DEC to HBD to earn 20% interest then it will further strengthen the DAO. I guess, I am going little imaginative here but I feel if sales go well , depleting ll excess DEC from market then it will really give strong boost to game and DAO as per old saying "Money attracts Money".

Rebellion will kick out UNTAMED from MODERN format.

Once Rebellion is launched, I guess I might restart playing Splinterlands in a Modern format. My current card collection is rich in Beta and CHAOS cards and missing all key Untamed Summoner cards. So switching to modern will mean that there will be no more Yodin Zaku or a deadly combination of ILLAMA MAGE and KRON THE UNDYING combinations. I guess it will bring more interest in Modern format as CHAOS cards are grab for cheap in market (unlike untamed) and Rebellion will be in launch so everyone pays the same prices, so newbie do not feel that have to shell out much more than their older counterparts, Infact CHAOS cards/packs are so devalued that they will be creating CHAOS deck in much less money than their older counterparts paid that brings a very fair competition to them.

My last 2 cent.

I am excited for Rebellion but still like to emphasize first thing should come first. Team should deliver the land 2.0 first before Rebellion, that will build more trust in team , more depth in game and more player interest in game and land can automatically act as larger sink for cards and DEC that will further strengthen the game.

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