Splinterlands: Buying Splinterlands Tower Defense pack might be the good decision.

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Splinterlands : Buying Splinterlands Tower Defense pack might be the good decision.

I decided to buy Splinterland's Tower Defense packs when I come to know about the the SPS airdrop for just holding the packs. I missed the Tower Defense pack presale as I was out of the liquidity or fund when the presale was happening . Buying it now caused me to lose presale benefits but since I purchased it just before when SPS drop is going to start so my SPS drop will be still same,

Overall , I purchased 125 packs in which 11 are the bonus packs. So I paid DEC + VOUCHERs for 114 packs and only VOUCHERs for 11 bonus packs. So in total I paid 570K DEC and 125 VOUCHERs.

By going to the market price of DEC, 570K DEC cost $320 and 125 VOUCHERs will be close to $70. So it make close to $390 investment in Tower Defense packs. But at current airdrop I am getting airdrop of 14 SPS daily and it make close to 80 cents daily. If I go for yearly APR currently (that is definitely going to change once more packs are sold and game become live) it will be 365*.8 = $292 and APR will be close to 75%.

With my packs purchased , I am eagerly looking for the game release and I am wondering my my active and tactical playing can increase my earnings multifold but passive earning of 80 cents at current time is also very good.

If I think that SPS price can go up in future and just become 10 cents then look like I can get my investment back in less then year only.

Actually whatever I am calculating above is very much speculative and depend upon how the SPS price will move , how many packs getting sold and how much it is easier to earn rewards when game launches.

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Note for my affiliates

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