Splinterland's Rebellion: Get ready for fun and earn.

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Splinterland's Rebellion: Get ready for fun and earn.

For the past few days we have discussed the Rebellion game mechanics and time is now almost near when Rebellion will go live next week. If you have missed the presale and missing those rebellion packs, then you will get the chance to get these on the upcoming general sale on the 5th of December and on that day Rebellion cards will be incorporated into the game and all the fun and excitement of the Rebellion card will start as the player has not only option to experiment with new cards but with the new abilities also.

The excitement of the Rebellion does not end there as Rebellion Summoner will add new tactics to the game. In short, we can say that it will add a whole new layer of gameplay that will redefine the experience of playing Splinterland game. It also looks like these new game mechanics already excited the Splinterlands community as you can see in the SPS price token chart of the Splinterlands game.

SPS token price has already taken a rebound now as users are burning SPS to get DEC as DEC demand is now more than its supply. With the announcement of the land, DEC demand is going to increase more and this will cause users to burn SPS to generate DEC. Burning of SPS will cause SPS to soar more and since the players are getting battle rewards as SPS payment it means players will be earning more for each game played.

It means that the player will be earning more for their game.

Since Rebellion cards can be used in both Wild and Modern formats, players of both formats will be able to experience the depth of the game with all the new abilities and new cards.

So, I am looking forward the Rebellion release and wish all the players good luck.

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