Splinterverse (Splinterlands Metaverse) : A comprehensive ecosystem for everyone to earn.

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Splinterverse (Splinterlands Metaverse) : A comprehensive ecosystem for everyone to earn.

My relationship with Splinterlands is now almost 3.5 years old and I can say that even in this long run I never got bored by this game and nor my investment decision proved me wrong , I can say there were ups and down but in long run everything turned into profit. Actually I can compare/regard my Splinterland's asset as same criteria as BTC maximalist holds BTC , I guess I hardly sold my cards that I earned and even when I purchased a higher level card, I simply put lower level for rent instead of selling it.

Actually I find Splinterland's Metaverse (Splinterverse) so vast and good that it give opportunity everyone to earn where everyone having diverse range of skills , different from each other and all fit together in Splinterland's for earning and enjoying at the same time.

So let me go one by one to each part of Splinterland's ecosystem and show that in how many ways that one can actually earn in Splinterland's in ecosystem.

Play2Earn in Splinterverse

Is anyone not heard of Splinterland's as Play2earn game? Let me make it easy by sharing the screenshot from

It is number one played game in Blockchain/Play2Earn game category.

Blog2Earn in Splinterverse

Not only Players earn by playing but they can earn nice rewards by sharing nice tip/tricks or information about the game . Blogging rewards can be in both Hive and Hive second layer token in which you not only able to earn SPT token in Hive second layer but also other tribe tokens in Hive second layer. Tough it is rare but your great post might earn you more then $100 in single post.

Create2Earn in Splinterverse

Do you need to be player or blogger to earn in this ecosystem? If you are artist then your Digital art will also fetch you a nice amount of money. Either you can create a post of your art but better , you can create them as NFT in platform. Does not these NFT look adorable?

These are not actually game NFT but these are NFT designed on inspiration from game cards and artist can sell these NFT for SPT , that can be easily converted to Hive.

Support2Earn in Splinterverse

When Splinterland's game expanded , team recruited the people from existing player base for their various support position. Does not it is good for both players and game as a player themselves they can understand a problem/issue much better and it make player base more connected to game.

Invest2Earn in Splinterverse

For earning in Splinterland's it is not necessary that one need to be active, Splinterland's assets appreciated well with time so why not buy the assets that are currently abundant and wait for time when they go out of production?

Land and Alpha cards of game really appreciated well and there are really many land holders in the game that are not actually active player for day to day gaming.

Current SPS airdrop is also adding more value on top of the appreciated assets.

Rent2Earn in Splinterverse

Is it necessary that if you are holding Splinterland's assets then you have to play daily for earning? Actually no, All Splinterland's asset can be delegated (In delegation , owner still have full control of asset but it allow other user to use the asset for it's benefit)

Approx 2 million or more NFT is delegated and owners of these assets earn handsome amount of money without even battling/playing the game.

Trade2Earn in Splinterverse

Splinterland's token like DEC ,SPT and SPS do not have any liquidity issue and they are really good for any seasoned trader to make some money in the volatile market. Tough this option dependent on luck but actually it worked well for me numerous time.

Affiliate2Earn in Splinterverse

If you are enjoying game and want to refer your friends,family and other fellow play2earn player to this game then you can earn 5% affiliate commission of the purchase that they do directly from the game.

So friends, now it is time for me to introduce you all to this game by using my link

If you want to play splinterlands then you can join it here

I saw few of the player joined the game using my affiliate link and then stopped playing after few battles. If you have any difficulty in playing game, do not hesitate and join the game discord. It is really helping community and contact me here or on discord, I will definitely review your game for your better game experience.

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