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Well, it's still January and I sort of already reached my Saturday Savers Club goal for the year. The goal was to get to 2000 HBD by the end of the year, with a starting point of 1000. And as of now, it's already slightly over the mark. It's kind of "cheating", since I just deposited the amount from somewhere else. The thing is, at the moment of setting the goal, I didn't think of other funds that I had elsewhere, mainly stablecoins in other places. Those places used to have good interest rates, but not anymore.

So, that being said, it seemed like the logical thing to do was to switch them to the 20% interest plan of HBD savings. So far, so good. For now I don't have any new goals to set, but I will be thinking about which direction to go next. Maybe I need to start focusing on WORKERBEEs, since those play an important role in the Hive ecosystem.

I know setting goals is important, even if you know they are just out of reach, they still keep you focused on where you want to be.

Also still working on last years goal though, getting my Hive reputation to 70. This went from 69.34 to 69.37. Also good stuff. Other than that I'm preparing for a possible bull market. Who else is ready to ride the waves?

Be sure to check out the @eddie-earner account for more details on the Saturday Savers Club. See you all next week!

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