Welcome To The 11th LPUD

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11 down 1 more month to go, it’s been a really beautiful ride with Leo Power Up Day, I can’t believe it’s almost 1 year of consistent powering up on Leo power up Day. A monthly activity that occurs on the 15th of every month in the Leofinance community where anyone can power up their Leo, to be eligible for the Leo Power Up Day Badge, you have to power up at least 150 LEO tokens. This has been done for more than 1 year now and it has helped strengthen the Leo price as people are expected to purchase Leo from the Hive market and power up.

I really don’t have much to say, but to celebrate my consistency and hope that more of us participate in this lovely community. I love this community and I will love to see this community grow and become what it plans to become. To devs have been working so hard in improving almost every aspect of this community. They always look for a way to add more value and utility to the community.

It’s quite easy to do, purchase LEO from Hiveengine, power up and you are good to go. You have to do this tonight to get the Leo Power Up Day badge from Hivebuzz, if you have been taking it from January, you should have 11 and by next month after the last LPUD, you will have complete 12 badges. Can’t wait for next month so I can see my complete LPUD badges.

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