New Splinterlands Promo Card Zyriel unveiling on May 2nd

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The Splinterlands team is known to bring surprises to the community and this is something that I like a lot because it is a gaming platform where creativity and innovations both are important. In any game when we play then we love the surprises and that is what the team has been doing since the beginning. I am not sure how it was when I was not part of it but in the last three years, I have seen it happen so many times. Once again they are going to do the same as they will be unveiling a new promotional card on May 2nd. I have purchased some of the promotional cards in the past but there have been some scenarios when I was not able to buy them because of the limited supply and more demand.

The upcoming card is completely different and I can say that it is a unique card in the game that will be mixed with dual elements. It is a legendary monster coming from a life-and-death element and it will also have the option to have abilities on a higher level. Because this card is mixed with devil element so obviously the price is going to be high and it will be 80K DEC or credits for a single box. There will also be the option to use the vouchers and avail 50% discount on the prize which is good because this is how the vouchers make the overall deal much more discounted and profitable in the game. We need to note that the DEC-B token will not be used to buy this card as the team has mentioned it.

The base purchase price for each single BCX Zyriel card will be 80,000 DEC or Credits, and players may receive up to a 50% discount on the purchase price by spending VOUCHER tokens at a rate of $0.25 per VOUCHER token spent. Each Zyriel card purchased will have a 4% chance of being a Gold Foil version of the card, and players will be guaranteed to receive at least one Gold Foil version of the card if they purchase 25 Zyriel cards in a single transaction.

About the Zyriel

So this is a legendary monster that will cost 7 mana and it has 5 health, 2 speed, and 5 attack power. I am not sure how the dual element will work in the game and this is what I am more excited to see in the game. We can have a level 4 card with 11 BCX and the price of gold foil will be quite high. The total circulation supply of this card is 15,000 which I think is a decent amount and once the sale is over then the only option will be left to buy it from the market because this will not be available in the game anymore.

Zyriel is the first multi-element card to be introduced into the Splinterlands


I could not find the information about the last day of the sale which means it should be ongoing for some time or if all the cards are sold out then it will anyways end. I have seen in the past when the community was so excited and it will not be a surprise if this card also gets sold out in a very less amount of time because this will not be the first time. I am not sure how many BC XI will be planning to buy but my efforts will be goodbye at least a couple of cards and if in case I do not get the opportunity then I will try to buy later from the market.

There will be an option to use credits as well as the DEC token but I'm not sure if sps will also be part of the payment because this is not provided on the post itself. I expect that we might see some pump in vouchers value because maybe some people would be buying it from the market as a good amount of voucher tokens will be used in this promotional sale which is good for the token economy as these tokens are burned and will be excluded from the circulation supply.

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