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I have been using the rental on Splinterlands for the last 3 months and when I started, that time it was going very well. A few things are changed and this has also affected my rental earnings for me. I hope I am not the only one affected because of this and other players are also in the same spot. Undoubtedly this is a good option for those who have no time to play the game.

My initial thought was to generate a passive income through the cards that I hold in my account without spending much time. I have been playing the games since the beginning of my journey in the game that was started in 2020. There is hardly any season that I did not play else I was an active player. In the battle, it's so much fun and even rewarding. During the pend make this game was so much fun because I was able to play a lot which was entertaining and during the period I was also able to accumulate more assets in the game. For the last few months, I am not playing because my schedule is busy and I have no time to play every day.

Rental Journey

The reason was simply that I wanted to put my cards on a rental so that I can earn DEC tokens while I was not able to play the game. Initial earnings were very good and every day I was earning more than 2000 Dec tokens however it kept on reducing and in the last season, I saw that I was not even earning 1000 tokens in a day. I also made a post last week that I need to analyze my rental earnings further and if it is not profitable then there is no point in keeping it active. Although my schedule is busy if I do not find a decent income through the rental then I would think alternate option rather than putting all my cards on the rental. The crypto market is fluctuating and I can not earn a fixed amount every day but once in a while, it is fine however not every day as I do not want to keep my cards on the rental at low earnings.

Rental is still better for me

I kept track of my rental earnings for the last couple of days and would like to share here that I earn more than 1000 tokens every day except for some of the days. It is because we cannot get the fixed amount every day as it is depending upon the demand in the market. More demand means we can earn higher and whenever demand is less than it is going to impact our rental earnings.


Above is the snapshot where you can see how much I am earning and it is the historical record for the last couple of days. I have decided that I will continue to put my account on the rental as I find it a better balance rather than playing by myself. Even if I earn 1000 opens in a day then also it is fine because this way I will be able to accumulate almost 30000 tokens in a month. This balance I will be utilizing this to buy further assets in the game which is much needed and I am trying to buy as much as I can during these bear markets.

My current card holding is making me eligible to play in the silver League and I hope that in the next couple of months I will be able to upgrade and jump onto the gold League. If my card collection will go then obviously it is also going to result in enhanced rental earnings. Is there is the market is down and this is the reason why I am running short of funds I will see if I can arrange some or I can accumulate some funds in the next couple of months? This plan is to buy more cards and upgrade my existing someone to the next level. This should be helping me to earn more passive income through the rental and all these I can use to upgrade my overall account in the game.

Thank you so much Stay Safe

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