Splinterlands Rental Reward has dropped

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Splinterlands Rental used to be a good option for me to generate passive income and through this, I have purchased multiple assets in the game. I follow a simple strategy in the game whatever I earn is reinvested in the game so that my asset holding can grow faster. Earn invest and reinvest is the best strategy in my opinion that can help us grow our game account faster. I have been following the same since the beginning and it has helped a lot to add more value to my game account.

I had chosen to go on rental 5 months back because the earning was good but after a couple of months, I noticed a drop in the rewards. Even I was ok with that but now it seems it is not good anymore and time for me to make a change.

Cancelled rental

I have canceled my account and will be getting my cards back in the next 1 to 2 days. The current season is ending soon and to be precise it is 3 days left before the next season starts. By the time this season will end, I am going to get all my cards back so that I can set up my account again on the battle and will start playing the game. I have been playing since the beginning and it was the only time when I choose to go on rental which is almost 5 months. I know that playing battle is better rewarding as compared to the rental but because I was busy so conceding my hectic schedule I decided to try out the rental. I have already canceled the rental and waiting for my cards to come back.


In the beginning, I was earning approximately 2000 Dec tokens every day but now this earning has dropped by more than 50% and I'm hardly earning 1000 in a day. I do not find it satisfactory anymore so I had decided to change the plan and for now, I will be playing the battles by myself in the game. I upgraded my cards in between when the rental was going on so now with the high-level cards I hope my gaming will be even better. These are new for me but I will be family here with them soon and hopefully, it will be great entertainment as well as a better reward with every season.

Back to Battle

So I am also starting my battle journey again on the game with bitter gaming as well as a better rewarding experience. While I used to play in silver but now I am eligible to play in gold and even I will be upgrading my cards further to be eligible for the higher league in the game. I am also going to pay some attention to the brawl because that has been improved a lot recently and I am sure it is going to be fun however I need to explore it more. There are multiple assets in-game through which I am earning rewards in form of SPS and now with gaming also I will be able to earn sps where as I was not earning sps when I used to play earlier. DEC has been replaced by SPS which I think is a good decision considering the reward and how the player wants to get more SPS.

So this is my plan for the game in the upcoming season when I keep on reviewing my progress. Sometimes change in the strategy is required to make it better rewarding and same and trying to do with this change with the hope that this will go better the way I planned. I am not throwing in the game but trying different ways to experiment and through these experiments, I also learn a lot of new things about the game. But you do in the game to make it better and are you also part of Rental?

Thank you so much Stay Safe

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