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RUNI of Splinterlands, was probably one of the biggest hype around Splinterlands. So much that, players were flocking in as if this is the end. Some even went ahead and purchased more than one RUNI for their deck. Although, this sale did not take place in HIVE blockchain but on one of the most growing blockchain of NFT, aka ETH. Even after that, people appreciated the sales and many became a part of this sales. Those sales was one of the top notch sales in the eco system of Splinterlands.

Lets explore RUNI-venture and see how it is performing in Opensea and the expectation for RUNI in the upcoming land venture.

So far, total volume in RUNI has been 753 ETH. That is quite a big volume compared to the consumers of RUNI are very small group of people. Only Splinterlands players has been able to generate this volume, since RUNI has been released. Fairly positive grinding! While at current market price 0.23 ETH is the floor price of RUNI, which converted into dollar is close to $500. Since ETH has seen a steep increase in price this fluctuation of price in dollar value will likely increase in the coming days.

  • How many RUNI are there in the market (Opensea) up for grab?

At present there are, 39 RUNI placed in the market for sale. With the floor price starting from 0.23 ETH all the way upto 5 ETH for one. Not that much RUNI is available compared to the demand which is going to flow once the LAND phase comes alive. All the other RUNI are either being used in the game or they are in the wallets of their respective owners.

  • RUNI demand?

Runi will be extremely helpful in land. With the characteristics within itself, upon right rule set, it is quite a helpful card in the battle itself. Also in the upcoming land, it will introduce some additional features into the production from land. Which is indeed a wise thought given by the team to RUNI use case.

  • Runi will provide a 100% PP boost to the base production of the entire plot.
  • Plots that have a Runi as one of the workers will not need to purchase a Power Source, and no DEC will need to be staked to power the Runi or the other cards working on the plot

RUNI was probably one of the best step taken by the team to get introduced into other chains. But unfortunately, it did not see the outcome that was expected. Unlike, the scenario if everything played out perfectly, we could have seen a flock of users entering the game of Splinterlands, due to spreading our wings into the world of NFT's in opensea aka ETH blockchain. But either way, it was a nice effort from the team. Likely these sort of thoughts and exploring opportunities will once hit the button and we will see the exploding number of users flocking in our game in the coming days.

Well, before I sum up, I would say, RUNI will see a boost in price once we get to see the outcome from the land production. If that is upto the mark of expectation we will likely see RUNI getting some demand in the market. And judging by the number of RUNI up for grab, this will be a tough competition for gamers to get hands on RUNI. So, I suppose, everything will be decided once the land gets LIVE. Eagerly waiting for the land to come live and the years of waiting should come to and end!!!

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