Hive Blockchain & Long-Term Investment

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I believe that in Hive we can find many passive income sources, what I mean is that we can find many ways to generate dividends, that's why I must mention that Hive is a great idea for long term investors, it is true that many users fully trust the sustainability of HIVE, from my personal experience HIVE is a cryptocurrency as strong as BTC, many contacts have told me that it is really very sustainable, I believe that there are many big whales, but there are also many big investors who support the ecosystem in its growth.

Hive Blockchain & Long-Term Investment!

I can mention that basically we can find investments like BRO token, simply it is a good investment but I can't comment about the sustainability of the token because I don't know in which way this project is built, I can comment that many users in Hive have this token in their Hive-Engine wallet and we can notice that very easily, it is true that there are more investments in Hive, let's comment about LBI token, I think you can read more in: @lbi-token

Now when we have a lot of LBI in our Hive-Engine wallet we can decide if it is really worth to distribute dividends this week or distribute dividends the other week, it is a governance vote that we can get by owning this Hive-Engine token, but basically LBI token generates you passive income in LEO and other tokens and that is really nice.

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