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LeoThreads is a microblogging platform on Web 3.0, it is really great to generate cryptocurrencies while creating short format content, today I want to talk about Threads and how microblogging can be an effective tool to connect with your customers, friends, followers or your family members in real time, I think this is really great to keep our audience updated, I want to mention that it is simply a great idea to integrate microblogging to the Hive blockchain.

Hive Blockchain Microblogging

Hive is a really decentralized blockchain, there are many users providing value by creating long-form content and now these users can provide value and engagement by creating short-form content and for some more advanced users it can be a great tool to connect with their audience. LeoThreads can also be an effective tool to promote our crypto projects effectively, for example, if you want to start a YouTube channel I think Threads can help you and bring organic traffic to your channel.

I would also like to mention that it is really nice to develop a Hive based token and promote it on Threads, I think a great example is GM token, this project is based on WAX blockchain, but all the success of this project is thanks to the microblogging opportunity we currently have on Hive, LeoThreads can be really great for our projects, let's suppose you want to compete with GM token and you start to develop a Hive based token called "GNFRENS", if "GMFRENS" means "good morning friends" and if you think about competing with GM token the best thing is to simply put a similar name, I see a lot of entrepreneurship opportunities in Threads and I just gave really considerable examples.

LeoThreads & Hive Engagement

I think we can increase our engagement on Threads effectively, this is because making a thread is equivalent to making a comment on Hive and this is really true, I think it is a good tool for new users to increase their reputation effectively, another very important point is that we can extract LEO effectively while using Threads, really this is great in the long term, but from my point of view we should do it to add value and engagement to our LeoFinance community.

Another thing I would like to comment is that in LeoThreads we can mine GM token once a day, it is a bit complex how it all works, I have read a bit about it and it turns out that you have to associate your HIVE wallet with your wallet in WAX blockchain, it is really worth it and I think I will be talking about this very soon, I would also like to highlight that we can invest in mining NFTs, these mining NFTs can mine GM token, I think we can mine some GM token with a decent investment.

LeoThreads & Earned Income (Crypto)

From my point of view we are missing more curators on Threads, but we should consider this and support with our Leo Power, but it should also highlight that we can write articles on LeoThreads and motivate more users to use this platform, I think it is a great strategy and we should consider supporting the project, LeoFinance has increased its revenue thanks to this platform and if the community increases its revenue effectively then we can see the LEO buyback and generate more with our long format posts and with our short format posts.

I believe that in the future we can generate $5 a day in Threads and that is great, there are countries in Latin America and countries around the world that have a bad economic situation such as Venezuela, this country is with many sanctions, unemployment, problems with the economy of its fiat currency, inflation and many other things, it is interesting how a platform like LeoFinance. io can solve the problems of Venezuelans, for this reason I have focused on attracting investors to the project and I personally invest much of my income in LEO and then stake it and increase my Leo Power over the years.


Having microblogging in Web 3.0 is great in both ways, we can generate crypto while connecting with customers, friends, followers or family in real time, but we should also consider that microblogging is a really effective tool for marketing our projects and for this reason we should implement more strategies in Threads, one of these strategies can be to increase the revenue of the users, I can also propose to do some airdrop or something similar, they have really done a good job with GM token, this project is really great to motivate more users to use Threads.

I think we can go very far in a couple of years, I think it is a good time to start a YouTube channel and promote it in Threads, also in long format posts in Hive, I have done an analysis about Marketing in Web 3.0 and it turns out that Hive is a very effective tool, I have some strategies that we can apply to grow our channel effectively, I think we should consider fiat currency income, this kind of income can be very useful for your financial goal with crypto, currently we are going through a really very strong bear market, I think if you have fiat currency income you can take advantage of a bear market effectively and grow your crypto portfolio and above all your income.

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