5% Up To $1000 USD Can Be Yours (Own A Piece Of The Action)

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"RentMoney what is up with the Click Bait title?"


"It Isn't Click Bait."


"So what's the catch then."


"If I win so do you."


"We need more details."

Up To $1000 Can Be Yours

Before I (@rentmoney) was a blogger on the HIVE Network. Before I (@rentmoney) started playing Splinterlands. Before I (@rentmoney) started my journey into cryptocurrency I was an avid Poker Player and somewhat decent at it. Today I decided to fire up the old PC and play a tournament. Low and behold to my surprise I won which granted me a seat in a second tournament. Once again despite my large absence from playing I manage to win the second tournament as well. Winning the second tournament granted me a seat in the upcoming Sunday Million Progressive KO Event. The prize pool as you guessed it is One Million USD. There is something in poker called owning a piece of the action. This means you own a share of a players winnings in a specific tournament. Here today I'm going to offer you my avid readers a chance to own a piece of the action this coming Sunday. Prize amounts under $26 USD will be paid out here in HIVE or HBD. Prize amounts that amount to $26 or more will be done through transfers on Poker Stars. This means that if you enter the raffle and don't have a Poker Stars account the MAX you can win is $25 USD. If you do have a Poker Stars account and include your nickname in your entry comment you will have a chance to win up to $1000 USD. There is no catch here. I don't have an affiliate link. No tricks or hoops to jump through. Just express your interest below and you are in.

Raffle Rules

  • Comment for raffle ticket
  • Tag two others for second raffle ticket
  • Reblog for third raffle ticket
  • Include PokerStars Nickname (If You Have One)
  • Don't use someone else nickname
  • Let me know if you reblogged

The Tournament:

As mentioned above the tournament I will be playing is the Pokers Stars Sunday Million Progress KO. Which means I don't have to reach the payout spots to earn a cash payout. The KO in the tournaments name stands for knock out. Knocking out a player will grant at least $25 USD to the player winning the hand that caused the Knock Out. As the tournament progresses the knockouts become more valuable. So as you can see there is a chance I earn a little cash regardless of if I make the payout spots or not. Currently there is 315 players and 55 spots paid. There is still almost two days of registration left and I suspect the entries to be much more than the 315 that are currently entered. To keep things transparent and to check to see if I'm being honest the Poker Stars handle in which I will be playing from is GOTTOWINN. My placement can be easily checked by anyone who goes to the tournament and type in the GOTTOWINN handle. For those interested the tournament ID is 3514541668. So to recap: if you are interested in potentially winning a free $25 USD in Hive/HBD or up to $1000 USD cash follow the Raffle Rules to be entered in the draw. Like all my draws a random number generator will pick the winning raffle ticket number and the timing of your comment will be your raffle ticket(s) number. If the random generator picks your ticket as the winner and you have included your PokerStars Nickname you will earn 5% of my winnings up to $1000 USD. If the random number generator picks your ticket and you didn't include a PokerStars nickname I will send you up to $25 worth of HBD or HIVE at the rate of 5% of my winnings. If you have any questions please ask them below. January 08, 2023 is the tournament start date. Its a two day tournament (Meaning if I'm lucky enough to get past day one I won't get any potential payouts until I complete day two of the tournament which is played on 01/09/23).

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