[Sold] 50% Deal On Gamer Assets + MEME Burn Post & Tip Tokens

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Have you heard of the upcoming Hive Blockchain game called PSYBERX. (You Did: Great). Do you already hold assets but want to start stacking more (You Do: Great). Maybe you haven't started your PSYBERX journey yet. In any case if its PSYBERX assets you are looking for its PSYBERX assets I have found. Browsing my follows list yesterday I bumped into a post in which a PSYBERX whale is selling a portion of their assets for a deep discount. If you are interested the items available are listed below.

(1) A Comercial Land Plot NFT (19,000 HIVE = $5,836 USD)

(2) Land Baron Founder Title NFT (390 HIVE = $115 USD)

(3) 5,000,000 LVL Tokens (Rate $0.0003713 = $1,856.5 USD)

(4) 100 in game NFT Cards (Value = $1.20 USD each)

(5) 5 Small Land Plots (Value = $39 USD each)

(6) Founder Legendary BFG - Big Daddy pump action 4 barrel grenade launcher with incendiary grenades (None listed, very rare Founder NFT)

@dynamicrypto is offering all the above for the price of $3,500 USD. The payment offers currently accepted are Remitly, Western Union, Xoom or similar service. If you don't want to take advantage of the bulk offer each listed item is also available for sale on its own. To view the price on each individual item click the following link: . *Bonus Offer: 100 Crates for $1,000 USD (200 crates are available). That is 50% off market price at face value. 30% off market price if we consider the Level marketplace discount for those holding 200,000+ Level Tokens. Please note that all numbers showcased here have been quoted from @dynamiccrypto post in which lists the items they have for sale. Contact him directly on his original post or feel free to tag him below in the comment section if you are interested in any of the above listed items. I (@rentmoney) am not associated with the sale of these items in any way. I'm passing on information only.


The MEME token can be earned on the Hive Blockchains front-end known as HiveME.ME (HIVE and HBD rewards can also be earned). Over two weeks ago we ran the first ever MEME Burn post. I plan on doing these on the regular but randomly. I hope to create one or two a month in which will be accompanied by handing out tip tokens (!BEER, !LUV, !LOLZ, !hivebits and more) to anyone who participates and leaves a comment. The first MEME Burn Post was a smashing success. The post hit the front page of the HiveME.ME frontend and managed to earn a total of 3,378* MEME. This means the voters of that post shared 1689 MEME while the authors share 1689 MEME will be sent to be burnt. (What does burning MEME mean?) Burning MEME or any token means that token is taken out of circulation and no longer able to be traded. This helps lower the circulating and total supply of the token being burned. In theory this will help the tokens trade value as a good general rule of thumb is the less of something available for purchase the more valuable it can be. (How To Burn) One can burn the MEME token or any token by sending it to the HIVE account @NULL. If you are staking the MEME token and want to participate in the burning of MEME feel free to smash that vote button and watch the pile of MEME go up in flames. All Liquid MEME (Authors Share) earned from this post will be sent to be burned.

Visit HiveME.ME:

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