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No less then 4-5 days ago I wrote a post asking will the HIVE Token be able to hold the 30 cent line. Well (at least for now) it looks like we got our answer. The HIVE Token not only held above the 30 cent line but has made a surge upwards to break the 40 cent line. Currently the HIVE Tokens USD value sits at roughly $0.41. Will it push further or is this a good time to bank some HIVE as HBD (Hive Back Dollars)? Of course no-one can give the answer to that question because if they could that person would be filthy rich, one might even say wealthy.

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Long Answer:

I traded the HBD (Hive Backed Dollars) I owned for HIVE at the $0.34 USD price point. I'm now considering trading back to bank some gains. (Readers: So why the salt?) Its not all sunshine and rainbows as the reason for my Short Answer (Being Salty) is the increase in HIVE's USD price. (Readers: How can an increase in HIVE"s price make someone salty?) I purchased Chaos Legion Packs on the secondary markets days before they were out of print on the official market due to predicting a price increase for said packs. Chaos Legion Packs are five card packs that contain NFT's that can be used in the play2earn game known as Splinterlands. I was correct about the increase. My purchase point was roughly 4.77 HIVE ($2.17 USD, purchase times HIVE USD value). I watched as the Chaos Legion packs price increased to near 8 HIVE. With the USD price of HIVE now increasing and USD value of packs not doing so at the same rate as the HIVE Token, those same packs are now traded for *5.9 HIVE ($2.43 USD; using today's HIVE USD Value).

I know that is still gains and I shouldn't be salty but missing the peak sell point always stings. So for now my plan is to wait out this recent pump to see if a dip in HIVE's USD value happens. If it does, its very likely the HIVE value of the packs I invested in will increase (this is assuming Packs hold or increase their USD value). At which point I will start the selling process. IF HIVE's USD value keeps increasing thus decreasing the HIVE value of my packs I will eventually sell the packs/ trade for HBD and stake earned HBD for that sweet, sweet 20% returns that staked HBD yields. To be honest; I'm not salty, its always great to see the HIVE token surge upwards in USD value. This is why hedging your bets are important. You want to put yourself in a position where you gain regardless. But that is enough about my recent on-goings; how is this recent HIKE in the HIVE's USD value treating you? Trading/Holding/Stacking: tells us your secrets :)

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